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Don’t Settle In Life And Especially Not In Love: You’ll Know When Someone Is Right For You

Don’t Settle In Life And Especially Not In Love: You’ll Know When Someone Is Right For You

You cannot avoid rough patches in a relationship. You cannot find love without having to go through some bumpy roads and curvy lines. There are disagreements, opposing views, brawls, and occasional jealousy. You know, the flattering one. 

But relationships should not be toxic. They should not shake your trust and leave you hanging. They shouldn’t scar you for life or shatter your heart into a million pieces. 

Relationships are not a walk in the park, but they shouldn’t be an insurmountable mountain peak either. When you are with the right person next to you, it should feel easier. It should be breezy. 

I know you may have let toxic people into your life without even knowing that you did, but you have to look for yourself first.

You have to ask yourself questions. Analyze. You are in charge of your own happiness. 

Are you happy?

Do you feel complete or exhausted and in the need to scream in a pillow?

Well, don’t be anymore! Don’t suffocate your real feelings – let them speak to you. If you are not happy you should do something about it. You should fight for your own happiness and comfort, otherwise, who else will? I mean, I know you’ve heard this before, but have you actually done it?

Don’t throw any more sadness and anxiety into your life. On the contrary, get rid of it. 

Don’t settle in life or at work, and especially not in love!

Every couple struggles, my dear, but mutual love, understanding, support, and trust are not in question. They come along with a healthy relationship. Guilt-tripping, trust issues, or ghosting are huge red flags. 

You don’t want to spend your whole life walking on eggshells with the same questions in mind, no. You want to hold someone’s hand knowing that they are loyal and a 100 percent invested in the relationship. You want to laugh with that person, feel that cozy warmth of new beginnings filled with excitement.

You want to dance to the same music and you want to share the same passions and you want to have your inner jokes and you want to read each other’s minds with a glimpse only. Because you know each other so well. Because you function like one. 

You don’t want to cringe at the thought of having to deal with someone that flattens your emotions and dulls your spirit. Even worse, someone that does not see the beauty in you. 

Don’t settle until you have that ease at heart and that trust in mind. You deserve it and the right person may not come right away, but they will. And it will be worth it. Every second of the time you waited because you don’t need someone just for the sake of being in a relationship.

You want the real deal. And the real deal happens once in a lifetime. You don’t want to miss it out. Being single is worth it more than a relationship that scrutinizes and dissects your emotions.