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Don’t Suppress Your Inner Glow: You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are

You Are Beautiful Just The Way You Are

You are stewing in your own sadness, tears, and anxiety. It’s just a phase. In retrospect, you’ll laugh about all the things that made you blue at the time. You’ll realize that you’ve been giving some things or people a lot more significance than they deserved. 

Hang on tight. Nothing lasts forever – especially not emotions. They are momentary. So is sadness and grief. Never miss a good chance to remind yourself of how beautiful you are. There is a beauty inside of you, my dear, embrace it.

Embrace your smile and laughter. This is your trademark. It’s what distinguishes you from everyone else. Your warmth, your personality, your energy are portrayed through your smile and laughter.

Your spontaneity, when you are caught off guard, the things that make your soul shine, your upbeat playfulness are priceless. Your smile and your uninhabited laughter echo your soul’s beauty, and you should celebrate them. 

Embrace your kindness. You take sand and pebbles and you make a pearl, beautiful, shiny pearl. You make something beautiful out of something perhaps ordinary. You see the beauty in others and that positivity is contagious. You help people, your little acts of goodness spread the positivity, they make you feel worthy. Revive those moments, think of them when you are feeling blue. 

They make you human. They make you special. Not everyone has the courage for kindness. Not everyone has the courage to be humble. No one has to remember your acts. It only matters that they come from the bottom of your heart. 

Embrace the love and the friendship you give out. Think of the moments when you lift a friend up, when you showed your partner how much they mean to you, or when you helped your parents with the cleaning and the cooking because you want to spend time with them, because you want to help them out. 

Think of the moments you showed your love and gratitude to nature, to our planet when you picked up the garbage someone left off or just how you never litter the streets, how you take care of the environment. How you take care of animals and you shelter them because they too are living beings and they are too cute to be left alone. 

Embrace your confidence. Your confidence when you are helping a friend out, your confidence that the person beside you will make it no matter what. You reassure their success; you push them to be a better version of themselves every day – and that counts. How you make the people around you feel, how empowering you can be, how no matter how scared you are to take that first step, you take it anyway because you want to evolve. Well, don’t suppress that inner glow!

Nurture it, water it, grow it! You have so much to be happy for and this is me just scratching the surface – add your own things on the list. The list is getting bigger, huh?