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Don’t Take Him Back – You Are Better Off Without Him


I know you miss him. You miss him every moment you’re awake. You miss his touch. His smile. His warmth. You miss looking into his eyes.

I know you’re still thinking of him. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, he’s always on your mind. Every corner in your house and every place in your town remind you of him. The places where you used to walk past every day. The restaurants you went to for lunch. The bars you went to with your friends.

And I know that his face is all you see in your dreams and his voice is all you hear in the songs you used to devote to each other.

I know you want so bad to get him back.

You want to get back with him. You want to feel that he’s yours again. You want to hear him say: “I’m sorry for everything. I love you.”

I know you’re tired of trying to be and look tough and happy. You’re tired of pretending that you’ve finished the ‘you-and-him’ chapter of your life and that you’re over him.

I know that every time you’re out with your friends, you’re trying hard to convince them that your smile is real. But when you go home, you take off your “happy face” and you start thinking about him and trying to figure out what went wrong and what made your relationship fall apart.

I know the disappointment, pain, and emptiness you feel is too overwhelming. You feel like you’re not yourself anymore. You feel like you’re not in control of your thoughts and actions. You feel like a stranger to yourself.

You’re constantly staring at your phone, waiting for him to call you or text you. You’re typing out lengthy messages only to delete them. You’re checking his status updates on social media. You’re asking people how he is and what he’s doing.

You’re trying to figure out how he could so easily turn from a sweet, caring, devoted man into a selfish and cruel one. How someone’s behavior can change so quickly. How someone can have two faces.

You wish he saw that the way he treated you was wrong. You wish he realized that his problems, mistakes, and frequent angry outbursts were not your fault. You wish he realized how bad he hurt you. You wish he realized that your only fault was loving him too much.

But let me tell you something: Men like him don’t deserve to be with women like you. Men like him don’t deserve to be loved and appreciated by women like you.

Because this man pretended to be nice, compassionate and loving just to lure you into his trap and make you fall in love with him. He used to shower you with affection, compliments, and sweet words just to get under your skin. He fed your hopes with his “white” lies, grandiose promises, and convincing excuses. He managed to convince you that your life was a fairytale.

And one day it all stopped. He stopped being the sweet, kind, and patient man you fell in love with. He became distant. Indifferent.

He stopped seeing and appreciating you for who you were. He stopped seeing the good in you. All he could see was your imperfections. Your weaknesses. Your insecurities. Your fears. Your mistakes. Your failures.

He made you feel responsible for every single thing that went wrong in your relationship. He made you feel irresponsible, clingy, and weak.

He made you feel the bitter taste of love. He made your life a nightmare.

You realized that your relationship wasn’t the way you thought it was – meaningful, deep, strong, happy. Instead, it was troubled. Poor. One-sided.

You were aware of this, but you couldn’t gather the strength to let go of him. You couldn’t walk away without fighting for him. Without trying to fix things between you and giving your best to save the relationship.

But you know how they say: Enough is enough.

You gave him many chances and he squandered them all. You tried to convince yourself that he’d change many times. You let him break your heart time and time again.

But this time – it’s over.

This time you have to tell yourself that he’s not better than you. That he doesn’t deserve you.

This time you have to accept the fact that moving forward without him is going to be hard, but that getting back with him is going to be even harder and more painful.

This time you have to realize your worth and raise your standards.

This time you have to gather the strength to let go of him.