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Dubious Casinos in the UK – How to Avoid Fraud While Gambling Online?

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Criminal machinations in smoky back rooms: At least in films, the gambling industry is often portrayed in this way and this clichéd image is stored in many minds. In fact, online casinos and the operators behind them work very professionally and absolutely seriously these days.

Great importance is attached to security and player protection and the reputed gambling sites without GamStop are subject to strict controls by the supervisory and licensing authorities.

In addition to the many non GamStop fair casinos, there are – as in every industry – also black sheep, around which you as a customer should give a wide berth. In this post, our experts provide detailed information on how best to protect yourself from online casino fraud.

How to Protect Yourself From Dubious Non GamStop Casinos?

One thing should be stated in advance: When it comes to gambling, good luck and bad luck often go hand in hand and anyone who opens a player account with the idea of ​​becoming a millionaire in this way will be disappointed. Rather, as a player, you have to maintain a certain amount of realism and also expect losses.

Ultimately, the uncertain character of gambling is also what makes it so attractive; it’s all about entertainment – a nice win is just the icing on the cake!

So if you lose some money in a non GamStop casino, you should not necessarily blame the site. Maybe you just had a bad luck streak and you should always keep this possibility in mind. This is also one of the goals of this article: we give our readers clear indicators that identify a dubious casino so that possible reservations can be correctly classified (am I just unlucky or have I been caught by a black sheep?).

But what is actually meant when we talk about a dubious casino? For example, the careless handling of customers’ personal data or the money entrusted to them is dubious. Ultimately, however, it is about the provider in question ripping off the players financially.

There are different ways for operators of an online casino to accomplish this. Manipulation of game results is one of the possibilities.

This occurs when the provider pays out little or no profits, i.e. the games’ generator does not distribute the results at random. This is still a relatively hidden strategy of dubious casinos, which is not so easy to figure out, or only too late.

Reputable non GamStop casinos, for example, are required to publish their payout rates. Compliance with the same and the work of the random number generator software is regularly checked by independent bodies such as eCOGRA and iTestLabs.

On the other hand, a lack of seriousness becomes obvious when a withdrawal requested from the player account never arrives at its destination or the account is blocked for unknown reasons. But then it is usually too late!

Therefore, one should check the provider based on certain criteria earlier, i.e. even before a player account is opened. These include player protection measures, licensing and the like, in short: all points that a casino should meet in order not to be dubious.

How to Spot a Fraudulent Non GamStop Casino?

With regard to gambling, the general consensus on the part of the state is that there are public interests worth protecting that make it necessary to regulate the sector. Specifically, it is about preventing the development of gambling addiction among non GamStop players. Therefore, there are state control bodies to which online casinos have to submit.

These authorities issue licenses that are subject to strict conditions and regular controls. In a way, this is a stroke of luck for the player: the state takes over the inspection of the non GamStop online casino, so the player can sit back and trust that he is dealing with a reputable non GamStop casino – always provided that he has a valid license!

However, two things should be noted:

  • The mere assertion that you have a license or the mere depiction of the logo of the licensing authority on the games portal is not sufficient. It is best to check whether the provider in question is actually on the official list of licensed companies. This can be done with a simple search on the Internet. Attention: The authority names the company as the licensee, whereby the company name does not necessarily correspond to the brand name under which the gambling provider operates its non GamStop online casino.
  • It must be a valid license (not expired!) from one of the reputable European authorities. This includes, for example, the gaming authority in Malta, Gibraltar, and the UK. This is the only way to ensure that the provider is subject to strict controls and the high safety and quality standards that are common in Europe. Licenses from Curacao are borderline cases. Although the island state is the overseas sovereignty of the Netherlands, it is not a de facto member of the EU. European law is only applicable there to a limited extent, and the local gaming authority also places fewer requirements on the licensees.

Bad Customer Rating

The market is often the best supervisory authority, especially since the Internet has given consumers a powerful tool. If the authorities often act lazily when there are indications of a grievance, because the allegations first have to be subjected to a thorough investigation, customers vent their anger immediately: in forums, social networks and the like!

A company that acts dubiously is “punished” by its customers and consequently cannot last long.

But caution is advised in this context as well: Recommendations and ratings given on internet platforms are known to be a double-edged sword. Not every expression of dissatisfaction from a customer is actually the fault of the casino.

A common example from practice: There can be conflicts or annoyance through no fault of your own with payouts in connection with bonus offers, especially the new customer bonus. Most reputable non GamStop online casinos have a corresponding offer and also inform their customers about the underlying terms and conditions – which unfortunately are not always read in detail. These stipulate that the bonus conditions must be met before a payout can be made. If a debit from the player account requested by the customer is canceled, the customer should not jump to conclusions, but should first check whether they have met all the requirements.