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Edward Snowden Tweet Hints That The NSA Can Access Your ‘Secret Thoughts And Feelings’ – Telepathy And Extrasensory Perception


As most of you are aware, Edward Snowden is a former Intelligence Community officer who blew the whistle on NSA’s secret mass surveillance programs which were shown to be operating outside the limits of the US Constitution.

For this, the US government is still trying to hunt him down on the basis of ‘theft of government property’ and further charges under the 1917 Espionage Act.

Before his leaks, many considered the such notions to be a conspiracy theory. But the thing about conspiracy theories in most cases is that these theories are just that until proven to be true. The same was the case with Snowden.

Today, there is still a large number of information considered to be conspiracy theory. One such issue is in the realm of parapsychology, the study of phenomena ranging from psychokinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance and much more.

The US government has a lot to say regarding this ‘theory’. Just imagine the government being able to ‘spy’ on people using the findings about extrasensory perception (ESP).

Well, instead of imagining, you can look further into the sources we’ll put and see for yourself that this is not a conspiracy theory.

ESP has long been studied by the US government. A classic example is the government’s Stargate program (you can look deeper in detail in CIA’s declassified documents on this program), which studied the realm of parapsychology and its uses thoroughly, especially extrasensory perception.

This program lasted for 20 years and was run by the CIA, NSA, in conjunction with the Stanford Research Institute. While many of you believe that extrasensory perception is a bunch of hogwash (and it’s what just many want you to believe), this program proved its existence and used it in various scenarios.

You can hear more about it in the Cancelled TED Talk by Russell Targ we’ve embedded below. Russell Targ was one of the main scientists involved with project Stargate and he has something extraordinary to say about ESP.

Of course, even long after the project was terminated, many people are being stopped from talking openly and inform the public of the knowledge these agencies possess and can use at any time. Such example is Russell Targ, whose TED Talk was cancelled.

Ingo Swann, one of 500 highly skilled participants in the program (Stargate), had also something to say in a lecture YouTube, but it turns out that the video “is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed.”


On 29 October 2016, NYT Minus Context tried to remind people that not everything could be under NSA surveillance, tweeting “Remember that people don’t have access to your secret thoughts and feelings.”

Edward Snowden retweeted the tweet, responding “Well, most people.” See below:

He could have simply been implying that the NSA is capable of collecting so much data that they could determine your thoughts, moves, and feelings. It wouldn’t be surprising to think that the NSA has such systems and algorithms that can make such predictions based on your online activity.

However, he might have suggested that these people actually possessed a bit more knowledge in how to tap into this kind of information, if needed.

The main thing is that, although project Stargate was terminated despite its successfulness, the NSA may still be using the techniques discovered during the project.

In the lecture given by Ingo Swann, he accounts to a moment in the project when during the Stargate project, the participants started exploring the concepts of precognition and the ability to perceive the thoughts of another individual at a remote location.

He stated that when these concepts emerged, the program was immediately terminated by the ‘men in suits’. We have Anonymous to thank for this information, which would be otherwise forgotten if it were to depend on YouTube.

To learn more about the extrasensory perception that was being explored by the government agencies, you can watch the Cancelled TED Talk by Russell Targ, one of the main scientists involved in the Stargate program.

We also have an article on how to unlock your extrasensory perception abilities, and you can read more about it here.


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