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Why Empaths Act Strange Around Inauthentic People


Empathetic people are those with a heightened level of sensitivity and have a radar like no one else.They can absorb others’ feelings like a sponge as if they were their own. This is not something they choose – they are born with it.

However, although this may seem like a wonderful trait to have, it is also strenuous. Envision being able to put yourself in people’s shoes all the time. All. The. Time.

Not everyone emits positivity all day long, so you can only imagine how draining this experience is for empaths can be, being able to feel what everyone around them is feeling.

When empaths are around people who are fake, or inauthentic, they can feel it. Although the person may seem quite flattering on the outside, they are hiding something on the inside and empaths can feel it.

They may not know what it is right away, but they feel disturbed or even disgusted by the physical presence of these type of people. Empaths can go from feeling excited to feeling sick in a matter of seconds.

And yes, they actually feel sick to their stomachs when their empathetic radar is on for inauthentic people.

Because empaths are highly sensitive individuals, they can only form profound, significant connections with people like them. They prefer honest and open relationships, rather than masked images.

There is a Specific Reason why Empaths act Strange Around Inauthentic Individuals

It is not that empaths are special people, or smarter than everyone else. However, they do have the outstanding ability to read body language better than anyone else does and this makes them understand the world and people around them a lot better.

Nevertheless, even empaths have to fake it sometimes in order to handle the world around them, which makes them pick up on dishonesty even more.

Situations like these can make an empath feel emotionally and physically exhausted:

• People who try to act strong, but are actually defenseless

• People who amplify things to seek approval from others

• Those who are desperate for attention, so they push people around

• Individuals who are exceedingly and unnecessarily nice to achieve recognition

• Angry people who fake friendliness

• Those who hide their true self and act like someone else

Although they may come off as seeming they are better than everyone around them, they are simply unaccepting of inauthenticity.

Most people find it silly that empaths can actually feel what others are feeling and know when someone is off. They not only walk in other people’s shoes, but also feel sick to their stomach when they are put in situations where they must tolerate fake people.

On a different note, empaths understand that most people who are truly unhappy have themselves to blame, no one else. Lacking emotional maturity and self-reflection is one of the main causes of unhappiness.

People who do not know themselves well tend to hide their true emotions deep inside, which in turn causes them great pain.

They inflict this pain on empaths, without even being aware of it. The best way to cope with this issue is to be true to yourself and free yourself of the inauthentic burdens.

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