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Empaths Are The Best MIND Detectives – Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Messing Around An Empath


An empath is a person who is able to feel (in great detail) what the other person is feeling. Empaths sense your emotions and can easily detect them no matter how hard you are trying to hide them.

In fact, these people sometimes are really having a hard time coping with all the emotions they are able to sense.

Empaths are able to sense your sorrow, happiness, hate, love, and just about any kind of feeling you may be experiencing. 

The hardest part for them is to distinguish between their own feelings and those which are coming from others. It’s in an empath’s nature to absorb the emotional vibrations that others emanate.

Empathy is a great gift with a great burden and here are 10 things empaths are able to tell by just looking at you. If you’re an empath, we’re sure you’ll agree.

1. Empaths are the best lie detectors

When you lie to an empath, your basic emotions that come with it will give you away. Empaths are able to sense discomfort and dishonesty. This is why they will most certainly that there is something wrong with what you are saying if you are lying.

Although they may not be 100% sure that you are lying, they are able to notice the alarm signals that indicate to the possibility.

From there, anything you do further is going to be just another clue to what you are feeling. Anywhere from small to big lies – empaths will spot them and know them.

2. They can spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Whatever you do, be true to who you are in front of an empath, because masks don’t work with them.

People who try to propagate good intentions and try to convince them how well they mean, while hiding darker desires and hidden agendas – they can’t pass the empath’s test.

The empath sees right through any kind of disguise, and this is why they will immediately smell the rot that others try to hide beneath their silver-tongued expressions and wondrous manners.

If your emotions are genuine and true to what you say, you will be their favorite.

3. Empaths can read lackeys like a book

Sycophancy is something that doesn’t work with empaths. They will immediately be able to tell from what you really intend to achieve with your flattering and praising. If you do this to get into their good book, you are on the wrong track.

The greatest ability of an empath is to sense one’s intentions and their true thoughts behind their actions. Be sure you praise an empath only if they have really achieved something to be praised about. Otherwise, boot licking is something that would only deter them from you.

4. Empaths can sense jealousy and hatred

In fact, they see this from first glance. It’s something you may think you are able to hide, but for them it’s as clear as day.

Empaths are able to see this in your eyes without any kind of effort and they are able to sense all the hatred you think you can hide.

Sometimes having an empath around to tell you if you have faced these negative feelings is a very useful thing if you are trying to get over them.

Other times, if these feelings are directed toward an empath, be sure to stay out of their way, or they will eventually remove you from it.

5. Empaths know your prejudices

One of the things they can’t stand is bigotry. You can act as if you don’t have any kind of prejudice, but the moment it starts spinning in your head, they will notice it.

Empaths are people free of prejudice, as they see people on a deeper level, and they can teach you a lot about that.

However, if an empath is a part of the group you tend to stigmatize in your mind, you can either try to work it out in your head and face the false perception you have created in your prejudice or you can walk away. In the end, if you don’t walk away, the empath will.

6. They can sense if you’re not ‘fine’

Being able to penetrate any kind of mask you are trying to portray, empaths will know when you are trying to hide your emotions. An empath will know you’re not ‘fine’ even if you do everything to convince everybody else that you are.

It’s your choice whether you want to discuss your emotions or not. But when you are tense, uncomfortable, scared or annoyed with something, the empath will easily read through any kind of ‘calm’ or ‘composed’ appearance.

7. They know when you’re not applying yourself fully

Sometimes people act fake because they don’t feel fully comfortable with themselves. It’s not that they have any kind of hidden agenda or malicious wish behind it and empaths know that.

However, they also know your maximum potential and what you are hiding.

The empath will sense any hidden emotion you are experiencing and can even help you out if you ask for help – because they can feel your essence in a way that others are not able to.

The empath will feel less comfortable feeling your discomfort with yourself and they will notice your deviation from your true self.

8. Empaths know when you are being self-destructive

Whether you are having self-destructive tendencies, you enjoy playing victim, or you play the tough guy, the empath will sense your mechanics behind all of it and they will easily spot the emotions you involve.

You can create drama around you, but the empath will know whether you are truly experiencing the life you are trying to portray or you are just looking for attention.

Sometimes they can even get frustrated from all that and they will even tell you to stop it – openly.

9. They know when you’re playing someone you aren’t

There are those people who chose to play a role of someone who isn’t them. It may be because they want to show-off and look interesting, or they are insecure with themselves and think that they would never be accepted for who they really are.

The empaths can sense this kind of behavior and they will know that you are not genuine. It’s best to be yourself when having an empath around. Otherwise, they will start avoiding you if they find your false behavior irritating.

10. Empaths know if you’re trying to be exploitative

Most of the time, empaths will be able to understand when you try to get the better of them or to use their kindness for your own selfish ends. They are able to see clearly when someone is trying to exploit them and they abhor such intentions.

Empaths will always give the best to those who are in need, both emotionally and materially. But if you try to use their generosity to your own ends, they will spot you and they will decide to put you on their black list.