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People Can Draw Energy From Other People The Same Way Plants Do


Research conducted at Bielefeld University has shown that plants can draw energy from another source, like other plants nearby. This groundbreaking discovery can be applied to other life forms, besides plants.

This could lead to new discoveries in the field of bioenergy, and could ultimately lead to proof that people can draw energy from other people just like plants do.

The team led by Professor Dr. Olaf Kruse has found evidence that a green alga named Chlamydomaonas not only conducts photosynthesis to produce energy, it also draws energy from other plants nearby. 

These findings were published in the magazine Nature Communications. (Source)

Every plant needs sunlight and water in order to grow, and humans are the same. You can think of our bodies as a sponge soaking energy from the environment that surrounds us. 

This is the reason why some people feel uneasy around certain people. According to Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee, the things that are bothering them are the mixed emotions and energy that surround them.

In the research, Dr. Olaf Kruse has shown that when there is a lack of energy sources, the green alga Chlamydomonas draws energy from other single-cell plants in form of cellulose enzymes. These so-called cellulose enzymes are then broken down into simple sugar components and digested by the cells as an energy source.

This way, even if there is a lack of light and water and the conditions are not suitable for photosynthesis, the alga still continue to grow. This experiment is the first of its kind, and it represents the first finding of something like this.

According to doctor Cruse, what we are seeing is basically plants eating other plants. Scientists are trying to confirm these findings in other types of algae and other plants.

Bader-Lee believes that with the development of technology, scientists will be able to confirm these findings with human beings in near future. The human organism is not that different from plants, its cells need the energy to reproduce.

The human body needs the energy to overcome some emotional stages and it has the ability to produce cortisol in the cells in order to satisfy emotional needs.

Bader-Lee also believes that in near future, bioenergy will be easy to demonstrate and that studies will show that humans and animals have the ability to heal each other simply by transferring energy from one to another.

He believes that Humans have the ability to absorb energy from their surroundings and heal with it. That might be true if we take into consideration the fact that being connected with nature often can help humans recover faster from certain emotional stress or disease.

How can you protect your space and stop energy drains from other people?

Stay centered and grounded. Staying within your spiritual self is very important in order to sense when someone has moved into your space. If you are calm and spiritually centered then you can willingly release other people’s negative energy.

Don’t resist. This is also very important! When we resist it, negative energy gets stacked within us. Next time you find yourself around people that make you feel uncomfortable, try not to resist it hard.

You may think that by resisting you will protect yourself and your space, but the complete opposite will happen as negative energy thrown at you will stack on you. Try to stay relaxed, put yourself in a state of mind where your body is transparent and this negative energy will pass through you.

Own your personal aura! We all have an energy field that surrounds our bodies! It is the aura. It is very important to be familiar with our own space and its boundaries. These boundaries are at about one arm’s length in all directions from your body. Try to imagine this field and keep it clean from foreign energy.  Only that way you can protect your spiritual space.

Keep your energy clean. Colors play a crucial role here. Gold is a highly vivid color that is very good for cleaning your space from foreign energy. Let pure gold energy flow through your aura and body and release the foreign energy down your grounding and away from you. This will make you feel fresh and clean.

Call back your energy. Having your energy fulfilling your space leaves less room for foreign energy to enter in it. Over time, we often lose portions of our energy through energy drains.

Regardless of where that energy went, it is important that you bring it back. Try to imagine pure gold raining over you and let it represent an energy magnet. Let it absorb all your energy from everywhere. Picture it as clean gold energy.

After absorbing the energy bring this gold down to your space and body and release it in your personal space.