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Essential Reasons Why You Should Start a Personal Blog


Where does the connection between a software developer and a blogger start? The answer is quite simple – at the very beginning. In other words, in order for an online blog to exist, it must first be created by a developer who coded and crafted everything in the website. This is where one’s interest takes part. Many people strive to study and learn different codes to create many uses with it. Coding could be used to create apps, computer software, and even websites that are used for online blogs. Once created, there is an unlimited amount of knowledge you can teach through your informative and descriptive writing. Finally, an online blog belongs only to the person writing it. He or she is the only one who is in charge and says what should be included, therefore, giving the blogger a sense of ownership. So, the three reasons why you should begin an online blog are: it makes you a creator, a teacher, and gives you a sense of ownership. (1)

When creating a website for an online blog, not everyone will understand the concept of using coding. But, one can still feel the sense of creativity through the written proportion. This can be a valid reason as to why a person should start an online blog. They are literally creating a small story for an individual to read, whether it is a daily update or a life story, or an exemplification essay. The point is to go from having a blank page to a screen full of jokes, updates, stories, etc. In that sense, it could give a person joy in taking time out of their busy lives to write a blog and share that joy.

Secondly, bloggers have different reasons as to why they write a blog every day. One of those reasons can be for educational purposes, to spread one’s knowledge to whoever may be interested in reading. There are many people out there who would like to teach everything they know, i.e. software development, blog writing, programming, etc. How to become a software developer? How to find your first job? What languages are most in-demand? These are the kind of topics many people would share so that others may be better educated through reading the blog. Once again, not everyone is interested in technology. But that doesn’t mean they can’t educate about other topics in their blog. A person who is interested in cooking, for instance, could easily write a recipe or a story related to it. Another person may even write about being a college student and their daily struggles. The point is that we, the bloggers, are educating the reader through a simple story.

The beauty of having a Technology Blog is the fact that you are the boss of what goes on it. The blogger may not have a manager who is nagging them to finish it within a certain time limit. There is no clock in and work your eight hours than clock out. You basically write when you feel like it and stop when you desire. An individual can even make a paying job out of blogging. So, of those who say, “I need to make some sort of income but don’t want to work for someone else”, then creating an online blog can provide that, therefore giving that blogger a sense of being some sort of an entrepreneur.