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Fall In Love With A Person Who Makes You Laugh Until You Cry


People fall in love for many reasons. Sometimes they fall in love because they feel understood and accepted. Sometimes they fall in love because they’ve found someone who makes them feel like they know them their whole life. Sometimes they fall in love because they feel that their hearts are synchronized. And sometimes because they feel free to be exactly who they are in front of that other person.

All of these things are rare and extraordinary, but if you ask me, I believe that the most important reason why people fall in love is that they find someone who makes them laugh.

Think about it. Life is short. It’s imperfect and sometimes really difficult. We go through a lot of pain, betrayal, heartbreaks, disappointments, doubts, sleepless nights, failures, ups, and downs. We get knocked down. We lose the ones we love. We are forced to lose faith. We are forced to lose hope. But eventually, the only thing that helps us stand up and find a way to the exit is love. True, genuine, unconditional, warm love.

We feel lost and then all of a sudden comes a person who understands our soul and knows the way our heart beats. We find a partner who makes it all easier and believes in us. We find a person whose smile makes us feel those beautiful butterflies in our stomach and whose humor makes us laugh until we cry.

They look into our eyes and immediately bring a smile to our face. Their existence brings joy into our life. Their touch makes us feel loved. And their kiss makes us feel things that we’ve never felt.

We realize that this human being was the one that we’ve been waiting for our whole life. That we’ve always known this person. Maybe from a previous life or some parallel universe. That our paths crossed right on time. And that they’ve found us and chose us out of 7 billion people in the world.

The reason why I am saying this is because I don’t ever want to see you settle for something average.

Having someone whose laughter and a smile can make your day and fill your life with joy is one of the most priceless things in life. Being in love with someone who makes you feel the happiest person alive is the biggest blessing. Life is incredibly hard, that is why love shouldn’t be. Love should help up grow, thrive and experience every joy while we exist here on earth. Love should make us flourish.

So please, don’t give yourself to people who take everything for granted. Fall in love with a person who will never stop reminding you what a joy it is to be alive.

Fall In Love With A Person Who Makes You Laugh Until You Cry