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We Only Fall In Love With 3 People In Our Lifetime – Each One For A Specific Reason


Everyone who hasn’t had the luck to fall in love with the right person from the start has lived to have three types of love: the one that makes us do foolish things, the one that makes us work hard for it and the one that doesn’t need a special reason to succeed.

The first love happens early in life. This is the love you would die for. The love that is romantic, even dramatic at times. You think this is the love that would last forever, no matter how many people are against it or what comes on your way. You would do anything to save it.

In this relationship, even your own principles become unimportant because you are certain that this is it, until you grow up. You have found love and you’re not giving up on it.Then, there is the type of love that makes you grow.

The second love makes you learn more about yourself than the other person in the relationship. You realize that you want to have someone by your side whom you can trust and who you can love. But you learn this the hard way – often through heartache and dishonesty.

In this love, both of you make mistakes and forgive. This is repeated again and again, sometimes for years until you get tired and give up, no matter how much effort you have put into it.

This love is passionate, but also dramatic and that’s why you have kept waiting for the happy end. But somehow, the end is always worse than you expected.

This experience made you stronger, but it also brought you back to reality and made you realize that love doesn’t always have a happy ending.

The third love is the one that comes in the time when you want it and expect it the least. It’s the love that happens out of the blue and that makes you do everything you have said you would never do. You didn’t plan for this love and that’s what makes it even more strong and passionate.

It’s the love that just seems right. In everything – the connection you have, the support they provide for you, the way they make you smile… You don’t have to act perfect in front of this person – the way you are is enough. They accept you with all your flaws.

You never imagined you would be with this type of person, but you’re happy and you wouldn’t change them.

You learned that love isn’t always how we imagine it and that’s okay. You don’t have to wait for the happy end now because at the end of every day you fall asleep happy since you’re with them.

Some people meet the perfect person early and don’t experience all of these loves. Others aren’t ready for the right love and miss it, only to find someone who is a perfect fit for them later.

And there are some who needed to experience the same type of love several times because they have hoped that every new relationship as different from all the others.

We cannot know who is the luckiest one. Whether it’s better to find the perfect love from the start or to have all of the three types of love in your lifetime. But it’s true that people who have had the three loves are stronger.

They know what heartache is and they have learned what it is to try and fail. Their relationships have made them fearless in love and in life.

It all comes down to our choices – if we decide to keep looking for what we want or not. It’s your choice if you will stay with your first or second love because of what other people might say or because of the effort you have already put.

But only the people who were brave enough to get to the third love know if it was worth it. And it often is because it’s this love that never tires you and shows you what was wrong with the other two.

This is the love that doesn’t ask for hard work, but it gives you everything you have always wanted. It’s the love that just fits. It’s the love that stays forever.

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