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Feminized vs. Regular Cannabis Seeds


In the recent past, when considering seeds to grow cannabis, you could only find regular seeds. The classic natural selection, however, meant that your grow area had to have male and female plants. This wasn’t an ideal situation for most growers whose intention is to harvest buds. Male plants don’t produce buds, which get trickier, noting that they could also affect the quality of the harvest if you are going for the buds due to pollination.

The debate on whether to use feminized seeds or regular cannabis seeds is challenging to settle. But you can decide once you understand in depth what the noise is all about. Advanced growers will often prefer one over the other as they make judgments based on each seed’s characteristics. As you venture into home-grown cannabis, can you buy weed seeds online? From regular, feminized, and specific strains that you prefer, reliable and reputable online weed seed banks have got you covered. While misconceptions could derail your pursuit, this article will clear the air for you and help you establish the apparent differences between the sexes of the cannabis plants.

You can either have female, male, or hermaphrodite marijuana plant. To tell the difference is quite straightforward, male plants will have a sack of oval-shaped pollen as it reaches the flowering stage. The female cannabis plants at the same stage will develop pistils and calyxes that will catch the pollen released by the male plant. Therefore the male pollen will fertilize the female and produce seeds. When this happens, the resulting seeds always have a 50% chance of becoming a male or female plant. As for hermaphroditic plants, to tell the difference, look out if the plant has pollen, pistils, and calyxes.

Hermaphroditic plants are generated when the plant is growing under stressful conditions. When the plant sees no signs of fertilization, its survival instinct will kick in, and the plant will reproduce on its own. The female plants will grow pollen necessary for self-fertilization, and the male, though rare, will grow pistils and calyxes.

For those who do not want to spend time growing cannabis seeds into flowers, you can buy weed online instead. This is a popular method because it’s just so easy to browse online dispensaries and choose the most affordable options!

How to Tell the Difference between Feminized and Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds

You cannot automatically tell the difference by only looking at the brown husk’s seeds. However, underneath the coat, the male seed has chromosomes that make it have a complete set of genetics to make it turn out either a male or a female plant. The term regular seeds are coined after the natural process that it takes to create them. Seeds produced in this way happen only when the male pollen fertilizes the female plant.

Feminized seeds

Feminized plants are the cannabis seeds that come as a result of one female plant fertilizing the other. In the absence of a male plant, one of the female plants will produce pollen under stressful conditions and fertilize the other female plants. The flowers of the cannabis plant are rich in cannabinoids content. Because of this, most growers prefer feminized seeds and will also use feminized seeds to ensure that there is no chance of getting any male seeds.

How to Develop Feminized Seeds

As growers continue to advance their growing methods, more ways of producing the best buds through breeding are improving. To get the female plants to produce pollen, growers will use traces of colloidal silver to stress the plant into production. The use of colloidal silver to create feminized seeds has successful results. It is because the chances of producing hermaphrodite cannabis seeds are very minimal. The pollen produced under such circumstances did not have the male or hermaphroditic genetic predisposition in the first place.

Understanding Regular Autoflowering Seeds

These kinds of cannabis seeds have so much in common with feminized seeds. However, autoflower seeds have their heritage from a male and female cannabis plant, and at least one must carry the auto-flowering gene. The primary difference between feminized seeds and autoflower seeds is noted when the plants reach the flowering stage. Feminized seeds will flower the moment they start receiving less light, whereas the autoflower stage will begin the flowering process once they come of age.

Growing an auto flower seed is natural than a feminized seed, as you will not need to change your lighting schedule. Beginners are better off if they start with auto flower seeds as they learn how lighting affects marijuana plant growth.

Why Should I Buy Feminized Seeds?

Feminized seeds have minimized risks, and hence having healthy bud growth is almost guaranteed. Growers often worry over the male pollens killing the buds in a male and female cannabis plantation. When using feminized seeds, the absence of pollen makes the seeds grow healthy uninhibited. Growing cannabis plants from feminized seeds from reputable vendors such as Home Grown Cannabis Company is also hassle-free. At the flowering period, you will not have to worry about which plant is male and which one is female. It is as simple as planting the seed and nurturing it. Feminized seeds are especially suitable for growers who are new to the trade as it has no complexities from plantation to harvesting. Feminized seeds do not need lots of resources and special care compared to regular seeds plants.  

Why should I Buy Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are essential for breeding different strains of the cannabis plant. Getting different crosses of amazing hybrids is best done using a male plant to fertilize the female plants. Growers claim that it leads to a higher yield, but this is debatable.

Cloning is also another reason growers may opt to buy regular seeds. Growers sometimes wish to produce a strain of uniform marijuana without having males among them. To get the perfect mother plant to clone, feminized seeds come from a female plant with a full set of genetics and chromosomes. Regular seeds lead to natural products that require no chemical used to induce fertilization. As such, it is planting and letting nature take its due cause.

Before you settle on any cannabis plant, you must always consider the cost, amount of yield, and light source. Not all seeds have the same yield as growers believe that feminized seeds have a higher bud yield than regular seeds. Some prefer feminized auto-flowering seeds because regardless of light intensity, they will flower when the time is right. Irrespective of the seeds you choose, you must follow the best growing practices to get quality yield from your cannabis plant.