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Finding Happiness Within You


Many people hide behind a fake smile but their eyes present an unmistakable sadness. While most people will feel sad from time to time during the course of their lives, it’s not normal to feel this way all the time. Depression can take hold of you and prevent you from feeling joy and happiness. Unfortunately, many people live in silence keeping their feelings of depression inside.

Why Are You Depressed?

It may sound simple, but in order to fight your depression, you must first learn of its origin. You must ask yourself why you are depressed. And, then give yourself an honest answer. Your depression may stem from your parent’s divorce as a child and you blame yourself. Or, it may be you lost a loved one, someone very close to you and now you are heartbroken and can’t seem to live life as you did before. Living in sadness is not going to change the past. What it will do is prevent you from enjoying life in the present.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

One of the hardest things for someone who lives with depression to do is to get out and mix and mingle with others. As a result, they often shy away from large social gatherings that require putting on a happy face. They prefer to live life alone and in silence. Instead look for fun activities and events with family and friends. Take every opportunity to get out and to enjoy life. Attend community events and family social gatherings. Or, better yet plan a party and go all out. Rent a myriad of festival tents, tables and dishes and decorate your outdoors in bright cheerful colors. 

Keep Busy

Often people fall into a state of depression because they have too much time on their hands and their thoughts take over. Find things you enjoy doing and keep busy. An occupied mind will prevent thoughts from creeping in and taking over your emotions.  For example, if you enjoy doing crafts, make some and then sell them at the local fair. Or, you can volunteer with kids or seniors in your area, or get a part-time job. These are all great ways to stay focused on something other than your own feelings.

Depression Can Cause Spinoff Problems

If you live depressed often, you may do things to alleviate the pain and sadness you feel. You may try drugs or drink alcohol as a way of coping with your emotions. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol only seem to work and only for a short time. In addition, you may end up addicted to either one as it requires more and more to feel good.

Stay Active 

Regular exercise is vital to sustaining a lean and fit body. What you may not realize is that exercise also promotes good mental health. When you work out and get your heart rate up, your blood flowing and sweat pouring, you produce endorphins that diminish negative feelings and make you feel happy. You don’t have to join a gym or follow any complicated routines. You can jog, run, take a brisk walk, swim or ride a bike and get the same results. And, the good news is that this boost of positive feelings stays around for hours after each session.

Positive Promotes Positive

If you know you have a problem with depression, the last thing you want to do is surround yourself with negative people. Instead, eliminate or at least minimize the time you spend with these naysayers. Stay connected to people who view the glass as half full.

Depression makes you feel sad, but it doesn’t have to control your life. There are many things you can do to enjoy a better quality of life.