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Five Top Benefits of Fibreglass Swimming Pools

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Having a backyard oasis is the dream of many homeowners in Sydney. Few things can compare to the family memories of children gleefully splashing in the pool on a hot summer day, unwinding with some physical activity after a long day or inviting friends over for a barbecue on the adjacent deck.

Fibreglass pools in Sydney are a popular choice amongst homeowners as these pools offer many perks, from unique designs to durability and maintenance. If you want to enhance your lifestyle and create new memories but are still determining the type of pool you want to invest in, we have got you covered. Read on to learn about the five top benefits of fibreglass pools and why the material is so popular among homeowners and pool builders.

#1 Fibreglass pools are built to last

Fibreglass is a long-lasting material widely used in components for vessels such as boats, surfboards, aircraft and cars. Coated with polyester resin, the interlaced glass threads are known for their long lifespan and, therefore, highly regarded for pool building. Fibreglass is not only strong but flexible, and the pool shell can withstand a subtle shift of the earth, which is why structural cracks can sometimes appear in concrete pools.

#2 Fast installation time

Fibreglass pools can be installed above ground, inground or semi-inground, and there are unique designs to choose from to suit your backyard and style. While concrete pools are built from scratch, and the concrete takes months to cure, fibreglass pools have a much faster installation process, with just a couple of days on average if all requirements are met. They come pre-manufactured and are lifted by crane onto your property. Once the structure is in the ground, the pool builder starts filling the space around it with sand or gravel and the inside with water to even out the pressure on both sides of the shell.

#3 Easy maintenance

Fibreglass pools can last many years and are easy to maintain. Compared to concrete pools, they require less scrubbing and chemicals and are, therefore, cheaper to care for. The non-porous surface of the gel coat makes algae less likely to grow, as they cannot stick to the pool walls. All you have to do is brush the pool shell gently and keep an eye on the water chemistry every week. The gel coat usually lasts a lifetime, and if properly maintained, you might never need to resurface it.

#4 Environmentally friendly

Concrete pools are more likely to grow algae due to the porous character of the material. Thus, they must be drained regularly to treat the surface with chemicals. As fibreglass pools require fewer chemicals to avoid algae from flourishing due to their smooth lining, they are not only environmentally friendly but also don’t add to the water shortage problem since they do not need to be drained and refilled for treatment. The fibreglass shells can even be recycled, considering the main component of the material is sand.

#5 Smooth surface

Despite the smooth gel coat, fibreglass pools are slip-resistant with a bit of texture to provide extra grip. The material is smooth to the skin and won’t leave any scratches or bruises when grazed against. Unlike concrete pools with sometimes sharp edges and rough surfaces, fibreglass pools offer an enjoyable leisure experience, especially for small children with sensitive skin.

Fibreglass pools Sydney are the ideal choice for homeowners looking to elevate their property. With their durable material, low maintenance and skin-friendly surface, they offer the ultimate place for fun while ensuring safety and comfort for everyone.