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Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

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Newcomers to the CBD industry have a lot to contend with, not least the jargon plastered all over CBD websites. Figuring out which hemp product is right for you can be challenging when you aren’t familiar with all the lingo. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum are just two of the terms that CBD oil purchasers can find themselves confronting.

 This guide covers the distinction between the two types of CBD tincture to explain which is best for you. Is there even a difference at all? Let’s find out.

What Is Full-Spectrum CBD Oil?

CBD oil is made using compounds from the hemp plant. Manufacturers must first grow the hemp, dry it, and then extract the active compounds, called cannabinoids, from within. CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of the hundreds of natural cannabinoids in the hemp plant.

With a full-spectrum CBD tincture, there are multiple cannabinoids in the final product. Typically, they will contain all of the extracted cannabinoids without much filtration at all.

Often, this means there could be a little THC. However, most governments impose restrictions on what hemp strains can be grown and how much THC they may contain. The amount of THC is usually negligible, meaning it’s not enough to cause a high. For example, this CBD oil full-spectrum 600mg is guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC.

Essentially, ‘full-spectrum’ CBD oil means minimal filtration methods were used. It’s CBD at its most natural.

Some people believe that taking all cannabinoids together is the best way to create the ‘entourage effect,’ which refers to a more powerful result that arises from using multiple cannabinoids simultaneously. This effect was demonstrated in a 2011 study.

However, some more recent research has questioned the validity of the entourage effect theory. Another downside is that full-spectrum products increase your risk of failing a drug test. (1)

What Is Broad-Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil is mainly similar to its full-spectrum counterpart. It also contains a variety of cannabinoids alongside CBD, including CBG and CBN. However, the THC is filtered out.

Manufacturers have particular methods for filtering out the THC while retaining the other cannabinoids. Users seeking broad-spectrum CBD tinctures should always check the lab reports to verify the absence of THC.

One advantage here is that there is no chance whatsoever of feeling high, and there is a very slim chance of the CBD oil flagging on a drug test.

That said, many proponents of full-spectrum CBD tinctures believe that broad-spectrum simply isn’t as potent as its counterpart. You might get more bang for your buck when it comes to full-spectrum products, so to speak.

Are There Other Options?

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum are far from the only options on the CBD market. CBD isolate is another standard product – it contains nothing but cannabidiol alone. Isolate could be the ideal option if you want to try CBD but are wary of ingesting other cannabinoids.

Furthermore, some brands stock products that contain cannabinoid combinations. It’s quite common to see CBD + CBN products that contain a very high concentration of both cannabinoids.

With so much variety, it’s usually possible to find something that suits you. But which option is better?

Which Type of CBD Is Best?

There is no definitive answer about which type of CBD oil is better. Different options are better suited to different people. It’s recommended to consider each option and what fits best into your life.

For example, if you undergo regular drug testing at work, broad-spectrum CBD oil might be better suited to your peace of mind. However, if you prefer to place emphasis on getting the most natural product possible, then full spectrum is the best option.

Research does not seem to favor one product over the other, but most studies use broad-spectrum or full-spectrum extract instead of CBD isolate.

In the end, most users employ a trial-and-error process. Select the product you think is best for you and try it out for a few weeks to see how it goes.

Above all, it’s essential to buy from a high-quality brand. Neither CBD type will be effective if you have a low-quality product. Shop from a reputable brand like Premium Jane for results you can rely on. (2)