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God, You Are My Greatest Support – I Know I Have You No Matter What

god is still here

Dear God, 

I don’t understand everything going on in my life right now, but it’s enough to know that everything happens for a reason. We all have a purpose in this life. Questions overwhelm my mind and they trigger uncertainties and insecurities, but never the dilemma: Are You real? Do You exist? 

My mind clouds whenever life poses a challenge in front of me, but I know: I cannot see You, but I feel You. You are everywhere around me – in the wind, among the branches of the trees, in the rivers; You exist in the birds, in our talents, You exist within us. 

You give me strength, invisible fierceness to withstand every temptation, every bump on the road. 

I have a lot of doubts and fears, a lot of anger at times because some people left and things didn’t turn the way I wanted and hoped they would, but there is a lesson out of every misfortune or failure. 

You took away those things because they weren’t good for me, and only afterward I realize You were right to do that. I see your reasons in retrospect; I see your magnitude in retrospect and I learned to trust You, to lay my faith, my life, my future, and my destiny in your hands because you know best. 

There is a reason some people left and others stayed or entered my life. 

You being there for me does not mean I am not going to fall ever, it only means I will fall but learn something from that, and come back stronger, more humble, more patient and understanding towards other people, more humane, more tolerant. It only means You’ll give me the wings to surpass the pain, not avoid it. It’s part of life. 

You are stronger than every dilemma, every doubt, every momentary flit of anger, every frustration, every desperation, you are stronger than every illness, every cancer, You are stronger than hopelessness and disillusionment. 

Believing in You does not make me a better person only, it helps me fight all those things; it helps me push the darkness away. It helps me know that everything will be okay at the end of the day. Believing in You helps me embrace the things I cannot change because I know that You have a plan and it’s the right one. 

I am happy and grateful that I have You, that I have this life, that I exist. Right now, I breathe, I exist. You help me overcome my fears, for without You I wouldn’t be able to.

Thank You for everything, for all the people in my life, thank You for the nature that surrounds me, thank You for the air I breathe, thank You for the challenges and experiences, the crazy adventures, the failed relationships – thank You for You. 

You made me grow and prosper. You made me feel safe because knowing that I have You is a lot easier to push through the darkness then knowing I am alone. I feel your presence; it lightens my every day. 

You are the ultimate miracle, the act of goodness, the savior, my friend and father, and no amount of darkness can change that.