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Good Looks May Spark A Relationship, But They Cannot Make It Last

Good Looks May Spark A Relationship, But They Cannot Make It Last

Physical attraction is super important, there’s no denying that, but it’s not the only thing that matters when looking to be in a relationship. There is just so much more to love than that. Passion is just one thing, but what happens when that pretty face gets old, and when that beauty fades away? 

What happens when those tattoos crumble? You are left with your personality. So what are some things you should look for (apart from looks) when you are just starting out a relationship?

1. Having similar interests and life goals. This goes without saying, but still. You need to meet halfway; you need to want the same things. What if you want to have kids and your partner doesn’t? What if you want to pursue a job in another city, but your partner is not willing to move? What if you like to travel and explore the world, but your partner prefers watching Netflix or playing video games every night? What if they are not willing to compromise?

2. Being loyal to each other. What does the beauty matter if they use it to cheat, right? If someone cannot be trusted, if you cannot rely on that person, there is no amount of good looks that can make up for that void, for that personality hole.  

3. Non-abusive behavior. Beauty means a great deal, but it’s worthless if the person is ugly on the inside. Toxic people, abusive partners, manipulators, narcissists, you name it – they do not deserve your attention and time no matter how hot or sexy they are. Eventually, you want someone you can share a life with, someone who’ll make you happy, not someone who’ll patronize you and hurt you along the way. 

4. The same sense of humor. This person cannot make you laugh? They don’t know how to tell a story without killing everybody’s mood in the room? Well, let me tell you something: Get out of there as soon as possible! I mean, what are you waiting for? If you cannot laugh together, if you are not on the same line for joking, the bond is just not there. Don’t waste your time trying to force something to work. It’s not your fault, it’s just that we cannot click with everyone. And that’s the point. 

5. Being loved for who you are, not how you look like. Everybody deserves that. Everybody deserves to be with a person who’ll love every aspect of them both good and bad, not just because they are handsome or doll-pretty. Period.