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Greatest Challenges Young Drivers Face On The Road


First starting to drive can be an exciting time for teens and adults alike. For many young drivers, it is one of the first real experiences of responsibility as they hold the lives of their passengers in their hands.

As a result, young drivers must be aware of the extra challenges they face when first getting behind the wheel. It may seem like basic road rules, and practice is all it takes to succeed.  In reality, many unforeseen challenges will arise if you are not prepared.

Let’s look at some of the most significant challenges young drivers face when they first set out on the road.


It seems like an obvious factor when you first think about it: new drivers will have to deal with distraction behind the wheel. This is a problem that many new drivers do not consider and is the cause of a large percentage of first-year accidents.

Whether it’s the impulsive desire to change the radio station or the buzzing of a text message on your phone, distractions arise in a variety of circumstances. Oftentimes, it isn’t a conscious decision to take your attention away from the road.

It is by force of habit that new drivers find themselves making the most dangerous mistakes. As a result, it is extra important that young drivers prepare and train with these distractions in mind. 

Quick Decision-Making

Another challenge that many young drivers do not prepare for is quick decision-making on the road. While they are usually made aware of the theory behind the types of hazards that arise on the road, this is not enough. Only specific training can prepare a new driver for the quick thinking they will need on the road. You need to make fast decisions in the moment that no driving book will teach you.


Last but not least, many young drivers do not prepare for the inevitable peer pressure that comes with driving. While it seems childish, it is essential to prepare for the irrational and negative consequences that come from a peer-pressure environment. Whether this is friends or family in the car or the influence of mind-altering substances, peer pressure to make poor decisions is one of the greatest challenges facing young drivers.

Additionally, if young drivers have friends or family in the car, it is almost sure that they will struggle to maintain focus on the road while engaging in conversation. Divided focus and prioritizing the road above the conversation is something many young drivers have never had to deal with before. If they are not prepared, it can have grave consequences.

Driving Instructors/Driving Course

One of the greatest advantages of a trained driving instructor is that they are aware of these challenges. For many existing drivers, these challenges have come and gone from their minds, and dealing with them has become a subconscious action. They do not know how to pass on this necessary information to younger drivers in the way that a trained instructor can.

Instructors have developed effective strategies and techniques that allow young drivers to prepare for these challenges and ensure that they don’t fall victim to the same mistakes, so many before them have made. As a result, we recommend young drivers to seek out a driving course as they learn.

If you know a young learner driver, we recommend you check out the Safer Drivers Course. When it comes to young drivers, it is always better to be safe than sorry.