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Growth Factors and Hair Regeneration: Understanding the Basics



In the age of changing skincare and hair care trends, it’s critical to distinguish between viral products with unsubstantiated claims and science-based solutions that deliver results. Regenerative medicine, an incredibly innovative field in its own right, falls in the latter category and focuses on harnessing the body’s innate healing capacity through cell-to-cell communication. Let’s understand this further. 

Within our body, numerous hidden elements and facets work tirelessly to keep it running efficiently and maintain our overall well-being. These mechanisms encompass processes like detoxification and stem cell activation, and are specifically designed to  fix up cells that have been damaged due to various internal and external factors, such as illness for example. Regenerative medicine, in this case, is a branch of science that aims to combat various health issues by unlocking the potential for self-repair at a cellular level. It’s not just about replacing the parts that aren’t working perfectly well, but instead ensuring a continuous state of restoration. In the skincare and haircare industry, this translates to the natural healing abilities of the skin and hair.


This makes us wonder; what kind of distinctions beneath the surface separate the skin from the scalp? To put it plainly, the skin layer on your scalp isn’t especially different from the skin on the rest of your body. The exception? The mass of densely packed hair follicles on your head. These follicles act as tiny gateways to the epidermis, possessing an edge that allows enhanced absorption compared to the outermost layer of your skin. The proof is in the pudding, as this has been backed by years of research. 

A study has clearly indicated that the absorption rate of substances like caffeine through hair follicles was nearly ten times higher compared to that of the skin barrier, and the amount that was absorbed that occurred through the follicles was well over half that of the outermost layer of skin. Best part? The absorption is known to be significantly quick. Overall, there’s good reason serums such as Calecim’s Advanced Hair System work effectively as a female and men’s hair loss treatment, through the application on scalp. 

We all know that losing hair is part of everyday life, though it should hold some comfort that that’s just how the natural hair growth cycle works, undergoing multiple phases to make way for new growth. The average person might shed somewhere between 100-150 strands daily, a statistic supported by the American Academy of Dermatologists, but if you are losing more hair than normal, it’d be best to examine what may be causing that. Possible causes include genetic factors that might come into play, hormone-related sources, childbirth, lifestyle habits like using harsh hair products or wearing tight hairstyles, or chronic stress.


Recently, medical research from Harvard Medical School and the American Academy of Dermatology has found chronic inflammation to be the most common factor in hair thinning. As part of your immune system’s response to irritants or damage, inflammation is initiated by the body as a protective mechanism to prevent further tissue damage and infection. However, when immune system activities are not functioning as desired, it can lead to mistaken identification of your body’s cells and organs—in this case, the hair follicles—as intruding elements. This is how the inflammation can become chronic and begin to target different functions, resulting in the damage of hair follicles. While there are many potential causes for hair loss, chronic inflammation remains the predominant root of such cases, leading to shrinking follicles, reduced hair volume, and thinning hair.

So what can we do to tackle this? Products such as those from Calecim, such as the Professional Serum and Advanced Hair System, contain a concentration of their patented active ingredient,PTT-6®. With the ability to facilitate cell-to-cell interactions to boost rejuvenative effects, Calecim’s products could easily be your skin and, more importantly, your hair’s new best friend.

Calecim’s Advanced Hair System is a hair growth serum packed with proteins, growth factors, and exosomes derived from stem cells. Its application on the scalp effectively suppresses proinflammatory cytokines, reversing the damage to hair follicles. In short, these elements stimulate, nourish, and condition the weakened hair follicles.


But let’s unpack all of that: growth factors are naturally produced proteins that promote tissue healing and regeneration, while exosomes are cellular messengers that carry a whole host of such growth factors and genetic information. On the other hand, cytokines play a more supporting role in regulating the body’s immune system and supporting skin repair, influencing the communication between cells that makes them essential for the renewal and growth process.

The Advanced Hair System combines all of these potent elements in its serum to provide a scientifically backed solution to multiple hair loss conditions, validated by numerous users dealing with acute hair loss. One such case is related to and triggered by COVID-19 stress, as reported by Dr Shu Jin Lee of National University Health System, in a study that his research team had led where traditional treatments had failed to improve the patient’s condition. Other users of the serum, including licensed cosmetologists, have also shared their own journeys to a healthier and fuller head of hair.

The Advanced Hair System has also shown promising results in addressing postpartum hair loss when identified early, as well as traction alopecia, according to results from another study conducted by Sage Medical Clinic. Candidates who had the serum injected into their scalp reported a noticeable decrease in shedding, a faster rate of hair growth, and improved hair strength and texture after 12 weeks.

For many who experience daunting hair loss conditions, the positive powerful results of this stem cell treatment suggest that it may just be the efficacious remedy that they’ve been long searching for. As the skincare and haircare industry continues to be driven by innovative solutions from brands like CALECIM® Professional, understanding the science behind such offerings is crucial in making an informed choice of products for your skin and hair health.