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Being Happy In Love Makes You Gain Weight, According To Science


Have you gained weight recently? Do you find it hard to fit in your clothes? Don’t be alarmed! It just might be an ample sign that you are in a happy relationship.

According to scientists if a pair is head over heels in love they tend to put on some extra pounds. Take it as a blessing but watch for your health.

A recent study published on the American Psychological Association shows that if spouses are happy in their marriage, they are prone to gaining weight. There is nothing wrong to feel comfortable with your partner and enjoy cooking together, it can only bring you joy and a good appetite.

In the study, 169 newly-wed couples were monitored by scientists over the span of four years. Their weight was measured twice each year and they provided a brief rating on their satisfactory level in their relationship.

The results showed that the couples who were happy and in love gained weight. On the other hand, those couples who went through periods of stress, which often resulted in divorce, stayed slim. 

The scientist explain that the happy couples are satisfied and aren’t under stress so they don’t have the urge to search for a different mate.

This makes them feel comfortable and confident with their loved ones so they feel like they don’t have to be impressive anymore in order to attract them.

On the other side of the story, the slim couples are constantly under alert due to the pressure in their relationship so they stay fit in order to attract any potential mates. 

Being in love is good, but staying healthy is important too. Andrea L. Meltzer, a researcher behind the study warns that married couples should be aware of their increasing weight, as it can have negative consequences on their health such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.  

She suggests that couples should focus more on their weight not because of appearance but solely as a preventive measure for future health issues.

What does your weight say? Are you happy in love? Keep in mind that health is as important as finding your perfect match. Eat healthy, do some sports and keep your love and happiness eternal.

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