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Hear Me When I Say – I’m Done Trying With You

im done trying

I’m done trying…

This time, I’m done. I hate the fact that I’m the one who is giving up, but you left me no other option.

It hurts me that I have to break off the relationship with you because it used to make me happy. I hate breaking the strong connection that existed between us. But, I know that’s the best thing I can do for myself now.

When I look back over our relationship, I begin to realize that I’ve believed in something that maybe was never there.

I hate hearing the little voice in my head telling me that if I decided to stay or try a little harder, maybe things would start working well between us.

But, actually, it was you who had to put in more effort and try to make things different.  I know I did my best to make our relationship work.

I’m done fighting for someone who can’t see my worth. Someone who doesn’t appreciate my unconditional love and commitment. 

I’m done doubting myself and wondering whether I’m good enough for you.

How to tell someone you’re done trying to change myself?

I’m done trying to change myself because the person I’m with doesn’t bother to accept me for who I am.

I’m done always being the first to call or text you and then wait for hours for you to answer me back.

I can no longer stand pretending to be someone I’m not just to meet your expectations.

I hate to be the one that always needs to ask for your attention. The one that asks to spend time, talk, and cuddle with you.

I never asked for your politeness. What I needed from you was love, compassion, and support. I needed to know that you felt about me the same way I felt about you. I needed to know that I could rely on you when I needed help or felt sad. I needed to know that we were ONE.

It wasn’t me who was insecure about my feelings for you, but YOU. You were insecure about yourself, our relationship, and me. I don’t know how many times I’ve shown you that I deserve your trust. But, you doubted everything.

The sad thing is that unlike you, I accepted you for who you were. I never wanted or tried to change you. I loved every single detail about you, including your flaws and quirks.

On the other hand, you made me question my character, abilities, and decisions. I racked my brain trying to figure out what I needed to change about me so that you like me. I tried to make you satisfied with me. I wanted you to be proud of me.

I was often told that if I have to try that hard for someone, most probably they aren’t worth the effort. But, I refused to believe in that.

I really wanted our relationship to last. But, I often felt that I was the only one who had such a wish. I don’t want to think that our relationship has been just a waste of time. That it has never been worth the effort I put in. It hurts me to think that I fully devoted myself to someone who didn’t deserve my love.

I’m done idealizing you. Obviously, you aren’t the person I thought you were.

Oftentimes, my friends told me that you weren’t the right person for me, that I deserved much more.  But, I never paid attention to their words. I defended you because I loved you dearly.

I’m done waiting for you to realize that I loved and respected you like I’ve never loved anyone else. I’m done always putting your needs and interests before mine. I’m done sacrificing my own happiness for someone that I’m not even sure cares about me.

I’m done pleasing you and meeting your expectations. I’ve realized too late that whatever I do, even if I change myself, you’ll never be satisfied with me. One shouldn’t be pressured to change themselves by the person they truly love and who is supposed to love them back.  Now, I know we were never headed in the same direction.

I’m done feeling like I’m not good enough for you when I know I did my best to make you happy and keep our relationship.

Letting go of you will hurt me, I’m aware of that. But, I also know that if I stay, it’ll hurt me even more. It’ll cause damage to me that I’ll never be able to repair.

Yet, I want you to know that I’m not the first one to put an end to our relationship. You gave up on us a long time ago. So, why should I keep fighting for you when the battle has been already lost?

When I am done, I am done.

From tomorrow, our lives will take a different direction. The first few days without you are going to be tough for me, I know that. It’ll be hard not to wake up in the morning beside you. But, I’ll gather the strength to overcome the pain and move on.

One day, you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you and you’re going to regret letting me go.

And if you start to miss me, remember that I didn’t walk away, you gave up on me. You gave up on us without any fight.

You’ll find someone who may look better than me or have fewer flaws, but it’s unlikely you’ll find someone who will love and appreciate you the way I did.

And maybe you’ll see me with another guy one day. You’ll see my eyes glow with happiness because I’ll have found the person who makes me his top priority, never an option. Someone who loves and respects me the way I loved you. Someone who knows my value. At that point, it’ll hit you that that couple could’ve been us. But, it’ll be too late because I’ll have found the person who didn’t have to see me with someone else to know my worth.