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Here’s Why Genuinely Happy Couples Post Less About Their Love Life On Social Media

happy couples don't post on social media

Social media has set a new trend – if every moment from your life and relationship is not posted on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social networking site, then it never happened.

Yes, some people just can’t stop flaunting all the good things in their lives. They constantly post photos or statuses about what they’re doing or thinking or who they’re hanging out with at a particular time. And one particular thing they simply can’s stop showing off online is their relationship status.

I’m sure you have that one friend who shares every little detail about their relationship on social media. She or he always has some kind of tacky stuff to post targeted at their bae.

Whether it’s a photo of their romantic dinners, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, or surprise gifts they give each other or a status about how much they love their partner, their posts keep appearing on your news feed.

It might seem silly or weird to those who don’t post every detail about their lives on social media, but those who do get a real kick when their posts get over 200 likes and comments.

So, the question is: Is it really necessary to show off one’s relationship status? NO. I believe many will agree that this is cheesy, boring, and irritating for most of us. And the truth is that oversharing information about your love life doesn’t exactly indicate that you’re really happy in your relationship. And the reason for this is pretty simple:

Couples who are indeed happy and fulfilled in their relationship prefer spending time together rather than wasting it on posting statuses and photos about their relationship on social media.

Here are 6 reasons why happy couples don’t post about their love life on social media:

1. They don’t need other people’s approval.

Genuinely happy couples don’t feel the need for other people to think they’re happy in their relationship. They don’t bother to post long romantic or emotional statuses about how happy they are with their partner or pictures of their romantic dates.

When you know that your bae really makes you feel loved, fulfilled, and happy and that you’re greatly enjoying your relationship, what other people think or say about your relationship is completely irrelevant to you.

2. When they’re really happy with each other, they have less time for checking and posting on social media.

Regardless of what you’re doing and where you are, when you’re with your partner, you’re thoroughly enjoying the time you’re spending together. In those moments of pure happiness and pleasure and when you feel like you’re lost in each other, things, like posing for pictures or typing comments about how much fun you’re having together is the last thing on your mind.

When you’re indeed happy with your bae, you enjoy every moment of your relationship in real life not on social media.

3. They don’t feel the need to compare their lives and relationships with those of other people.

Couples who are really happy in their relationship and who feel truly loved and comfortable in each other’s company are not interested in finding out whether other couples are happier and have a more successful relationship than them.

Feeling genuinely satisfied and happy with their relationship is the only thing they care about and when they feel that way, they don’t bother to compete with others.

4. They know that making their arguments public won’t help them overcome them.

Sharing your struggles and fights with the rest of the world won’t help you resolve any problem or make you feel better about yourself and the relationship. Instead, it’ll just create more issues when others begin sharing their “words of wisdom” with you and meddling in your relationship.

This can especially be a huge problem when people who like gossiping and don’t mind hurting other people’s feelings begin taking an interest in your relationship and spreading rumors and all kinds of lies about you.  

Therefore, make sure you keep all your dirty laundry within the relationship and never give your social media contacts the opportunity to feast on it.

5. They don’t need to prove anything to other people.

When you’re genuinely happy with your partner, you don’t feel the need to post “evidence” of your happiness on social media. Unfortunately, there are many people who post too much about their love life not because they are gushing with happiness but because they want to impress others or sometimes even to make their ex-partner jealous.

When you’re indeed happy with your bae, they’re the only person you want to impress and share details about your life with, not your followers.

6. They don’t feel the need to seek other people’s validation.

When you know that you are accepted, respected, and valued by your partner, you don’t seek this validation externally. To put it simply, you don’t feel the constant need to post statuses and photos about your love life on your Facebook or Instagram profile.

You feel happy, fulfilled, and accepted when you’re with your significant other, not when you brag about it on social media.

Here’s Why Genuinely Happy Couples Post Less About Their Love Life On Social Media