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Having A Shoulder To Cry On Is One Of The Most Important Things In Life

a shoulder to cry on

Crying on someone’s shoulder is not a weakness. Calling someone when you feel sad and alone is not a flaw. It does not mean that you are an emotionally and mentally weak person. It just means that you need help. And that is fine.

Having a shoulder to cry on is a really valuable feeling.

Just look at how we, humans develop emotionally. As babies, we crave our mother’s hug. We are helpless, little human beings who have no idea how this world functions. The only two people that we know are our mother and father. They are our shelter, our comfort zones, our protectors. So, every time something happens to us, we sound the alarm. We cry. That basically means that we are out of that comfort zone, so we need our protectors to save us. We get used to the physical and emotional connection with them that we find it hard to separate ourselves from them.

This dynamic continues to play out pretty much our whole life. As we grow up, we seek friends to whom we can confide. We search for that best friend who will be able to accept us for who we are and always be there for us. And then, as we become more and more emotionally and physically mature, we start to search for a partner. A soulmate. The other half of us.

Bottom line, our whole lives are based on creating connections.

Because we are programmed to be connected to human beings. We are emotional creatures. We feel deeply and we love from the heart. That is something that makes us different from the other mammals.

That is why we turn to another human being for help when we feel week. That is why we seek comfort in someone’s hug. That is why we need to feel accepted and loved when our emotions make us feel overwhelmed.  Because without that unconditional support, without that shoulder to cry on, without that empathic response that we sometimes crave, life would be much more difficult than it is.

Unfortunately, there are people who’ve done this and got their hearts broken. As a result, they’ve decided that they will never again rely on someone else but themselves. So, they’ve isolated themselves and stopped trusting people. But what they didn’t realize is that rejecting support from people who care about them will eventually make them overwhelmed by their emotions.

If you are one of these people, I feel you. I really do. But don’t you think that rejecting help and pretending that you can do all by yourself will only do you more harm than good?

You are a human being and you have emotions. You have blood running through your veins. And a fragile, beating heart between your chest. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging this and letting people know that you are vulnerable, after all.

Having the need to call someone when you are feeling low is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. It shows that you are brave enough to let people know that you are just a fragile, human being who sometimes needs help.

Always remember, the need to feel comforted and supported by others is wired into you since birth. You are a creature that has been brought here to make a connection with other living beings. Don’t hesitate to turn to someone when you are going through a tough time.

Bottling up emotions should never be a choice. Whatever you feel inside, you should be able to share it with the ones you love. Believe it or not, your loved ones can be the most amazing source of motivation and strength when you are feeling miserable.