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Here’s Why Intelligent Women Have An Overthinking Mind


Regardless of whether they’re busy doing something or relaxing, intelligent women always have millions of thoughts running through their minds. Their minds simply never stop working.

That’s the reason why they always end up overanalyzing everything. When making decisions, both small and big, it’s necessary for intelligent women to contemplate all the potential consequences.

And no matter how simple or unimportant an issue may seem to other people, intelligent women tend to spend large amounts of time and energy analyzing it from every aspect.

Their overthinking minds make them worry all the time, even in situations in which there’s no reason for it. For example, if their partner gets home from work late, they can create all kinds of worst-case scenarios for the reason.

Intelligent women tend to overthink even banal things. Preparing to go out for dinner can be like a nightmare for them. Choosing the restaurant and figuring out what they should wear or order can take them a lot of time.

Smart women tend to overthink everything because they don’t like to be taken by surprise. They want to plan everything in advance and be prepared for everything.

Whether it’s their personal or professional life, they want to be in control of every situation.

Feeling unprepared and not knowing what their next move is is what they hate the most.

That’s why they overanalyze every situation and every person around them. They overanalyze the way others look at and talk to them. They overanalyze the text messages other people send them.

Intelligent women are perceptive and insightful. They’re able to notice everything a person says and does.

These women even try to read the minds of those around them because they want to ensure they don’t get manipulated and deceived. They want to make sure no one crosses their boundaries and disrespects them.

Intelligent women want to ensure no one takes advantage of their kindness and sensitivity. They want to make sure the people they choose to trust and give their love to are worthy of it.