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How a tarot reading is done according to a pro?

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Are you not puzzled by the fact that a deck of cards is capable of foretelling your future? However, the truth is much deeper and cards tell you much more than being simply pictorial representations. These tarot cards allow us to get an insight into ourselves and the world at large. The cards stand for the journeys each one of us has to make and decisions that we must take while being on this journey.

How is tarot cart reading done?

Tarot cards are held as tools of divination. When you get a normal reading there is a seeker who is looking for answers and information that is related to his professional or personal life. So, a typical reading will start with the person who seeks answers shuffling a deck of cards and placing these on a cloth, and then picking out cards randomly as they are faced downwards. When the cards are being chosen also it is the seeker who will hand them to the tarot card reader. He places these face up on a table as a spread. Visit Tarot Explained site to learn how a tarot reading is done.

This spread comes under the list of different types of patterns, each with a specific relevant name for it and used for different kinds of readings. The reader will however choose the spread that is likely to give you the most favorable results depending on the seeker’s query. So, the reader is going to rearrange the card layout for different readings like love readings, money readings, and relationship readings.

It is quite natural for people to be anxious when they get a card like the Death card. However, this not mean death per se; neither is the meaning always what is represented on the card. The Death card, for instance, suggests the end of a traumatic stage in one’s life; it very seldom has anything to do at all with death or dying.

When the reader lays down the cards he gets intuitions and impressions in his subconscious mind. This is what helps him answer the seeker’s questions accurately. It is not simply glancing at the pictures and then telling you the answer; the exercise uses a combination of skills.

You will find that most of us turn to tarot card readers when we want guidance clarity, wisdom, etc. The answers are probably inside us already but we cannot find them; we need this extra push to tune into our own intuitions. Tarot cards are not really for predicting the future because what one may find in his future is also not unchangeable. The cards can simply offer an evolved awareness regarding what one already knows but has not been yet able to connect to.

There is no right way or wrong way to conduct a tarot card reading, but the easiest way to start is with the Three Card spread. Here, the seeker asks a question and the deck of cards is shuffled. Either the seeker or reader picks 3 cards standing for past, future, and present. Since most decks have their own explanations for the cards, almost anyone can do tarot card reading. However, you should first practice it with your own queries and then move onto friends.