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Questions To Ask Tarot Cards About Love

questions to ask tarot cards about love

Love Tarot Reading

Love tarot relationship reading is the most popular type of reading. Love is the driving force of the world. Every person needs love. Every person needs someone they can talk to, be with, share their hopes and dreams, and know they are not alone. That’s why many people go to the tarot asking for guidance and help concerning their love lives… Will they find their soulmate? Does their partner love them? Will their ex return? And so on and so on…

Tarot cards are simply a form of divination. A tarot reader starts by selecting a number of cards and spreading them on the deck. He/she proceeds to interpret the cards based on the position of the cards on the table. Mostly, “Tarot cards” are about predictions of the future. The only problem is that people focus on others instead of themselves, a very wrong approach.

The best way to benefit from tarot cards is trying to focus on yourself. You may ask tarot cards questions on how to better yourself and alter your romantic vibrations to attract what you want. Anyway, you still have the freedom to ask tarot cards questions you like about love.

However, finding good questions to ask during your tarot love reading can be difficult. Below is a guide that can help you find the right love questions in a tarot love spread.

What Tarot Card Questions To Ask? 

Tarot cards are all about predictions. Therefore, the kind of questions you ask will determine the answers you get. There are two types of questions. The first kind is open-ended questions, which require explanations and more in-depth answers. 

Another type of question is a yes or no question. These are closed questions that only require a simple yes or no answer. When asking tarot cards about love, you will be required to decide whether your questions will be closed or open-ended.

Generally, open-ended questions give way to a better understanding. Why? Because you will get explanations to your questions. On the other hand, closed questions only give you yes or no answers, locking out the opportunity to understand more about what your future love holds. This might leave you even more confused.

What To Avoid

Open minds have always had an easy time getting what they want. In this case, you need to be real with yourself. Whatever future your love life holds for you solely depends on you and the decisions you make. That is why you need to focus more on yourself rather than being overly concerned about others. For instance, you’d instead ask what I can do rather than what he/she can do? The focus should be on what you can do and not what others are doing or not doing.

Question Intent

The motive of your question should be brought to the top. This is important because tarot cards will give you ideas based on the questions you ask. Therefore, keep in mind that if you conceal your intentions, tarot might mislead you. 


It should not end at just a yes or a no. To understand well your fate, you need to ask follow up questions. Let the reading be conversational. What do I mean? After asking the first question, perhaps about your emotions, Tarot cards will give an interpretation based on your emotions. Don’t stop there.

Keep asking. Maybe you could go ahead and ask what kind of people your emotions attract. Read the tarot card, and you will get the answer. Do not be content. Move ahead and ask what you can do to improve your emotions to the right state so that you can attract what you want.

40 Love Questions To Ask Your Tarot Cards

1. Where can I most likely meet my life partner?
2. How can I attract my destined person?
3. What type of person best suits me as a romantic partner?
4. How can I know whether my love interest is attracted to me as well?
5. Which parts of me I need to heal in order to have a healthy and balanced relationship?
6. How can I get the passion back in my relationship/marriage?
7. What are the blockages we have? Why do we fight so much?
8. How can I let go of my ex and finally move on with my life?
9. How can I know whether my partner is the one I should be with for the rest of my life?
10. How sexually compatible are me and my partner? How can we make our sex life even better?
11. What are my partner’s concerns about me? What habits of mine annoy them and how can I reduce them to a minimum?
12. Can I trust my intuition regarding the suspicions I have with my relationship?
13. What is the most important lesson that I need to learn when it comes to my most recent break-up?
14. How can I know whether I am ready for a new relationship?
15. What are my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to relationships?
16. Is there something I should be aware of regarding my current relationship?
17. What type of partner should I avoid at all costs when it comes to love and partnerships?
18. What blockages do I have that stop me from finding true love?
19. What is the best way to get clarity in my relationship?
20. How can I communicate what I need and want to my partner in the best way without causing unnecessary arguments?
21. How can I express love to my partner or crush?
22. How can I connect more deeply and spiritually with my partner thus create the intimacy that I crave?
23. How can I prevent a break-up? How do I sabotage my relationships and what can I do about it?
24. How can I remain true to myself in my relationship?
25. What false assumptions do I have about my love partner?
26. Why do I keep thinking of my ex or former love interest?
27. What is threatening the relationship I have with my lover?
28. How can I bring the happiness back into my relationship and into my life?
29. How can I become more confident when it comes to finding new love?
30. What kind of hobbies and activities would bring me closer to my destined person?
31. How can I know whether my love interest is my twin flame?
32. What does the universe wants me to know when it comes to the future of my love life?
33. How can I heal my broken heart?
34. Why can’t I let go of this relationship I am in (or crush)?
35. Does my partner love me and how they express their love to me?
36. How can I be more supportive of my partner?
37. What should I do when my love interest doesn’t reciprocate the feeling I have for them?
38. What do I need to do in order to attract the romantic person I seek in the long run?
39. How can I step into my power and become more loving to attract love and happiness?
40. What will happen next in my love life?

How Do You Ask A Tarot Relationship Question?

When it comes to coming up with a question regarding your love life, the best way to ask tarot your love question is by forming it in an open-ended way, meaning the question should begin with the words How, Why, Where, What, or Which. That’s how you can get the most out of your love tarot card reading.

What Is The Best Love Tarot Card?

The best tarot love card in a tarot deck is without doubt ‘The Lovers’ card. This card symbolizes the deep passion, attraction, and love that exist between you and your lover. It means that you two have a bond that is extremely difficult to shake.

This is a card of true love, companionship, and deep physical and spiritual connection. If you pull this card you can be sure that your lover is the perfect match for you. If you are single, this card can indicate that true love is on your way.

Specific Tarot Questions To ask

That was just a general perspective. Now, what specific questions can you pose to tarot cards? Here are some of the questions you may consider.

1. What can I do to meet my Mr/Mrs? Right

Tarot has answers for literally everything. But, always remember to be real and keep your intentions open. This way, you may just get the right answers for your questions and take away any worries or regrets you initially had.

Attracting the right love vibe requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Tarot cards will give you suggestions you may not like. Now, whether you like it or not, just be open-minded and be ready to make changes. That is the only way forward. 

2. What tarot questions to ask about love?

Tarot cards will answer you, but how humble are you to put into practice the suggestions given? This is a matter of humility, and you have to be humble enough to assimilate the answers tarot cards give you.

3. What will occur if I reconcile with my ex?

You probably know the answer to this question. But still, the tarot card will answer you. Still, the final decision is for you to take. At least, keep in mind tarot cards’ suggestions. 

4. What don’t I know about this relationship?

This is another good question about your love life. Many people don’t know the whole truth about their partners; who conceal information for their own benefits. Tarot cards will be more than glad to reveal all the secrets.

5. How can I stop doing the same thing over and over again in my love life?

Sometimes get ourselves in a rut, especially on matters relationships. This is an open-ended question that can be quickly answered. Tarot cards may suggest you take a break from your relationship or focus your energy on other matters.

6. How can I move on from a breakup?

Perhaps you are facing heartbreak and are wondering how to move on. Well, the answer to this question might be lying between the fortune tales of tarot cards. Be sure to get an almost perfect solution, if not perfect.

7. Which direction is this relationship taking?

It is a popular question among love birds. Reading tarot cards will help you know the direction your relationship is taking.

8. I want my ex back, what can I do to get him/her?

Quite a hard question to ask. But, reading tarot cards will help you open up your mind. Perhaps you will need to change your attitude or vibe. Be ready.

9. What does tomorrow hold for me and my partner?

We are all worried about the future of our relationships. Worry no more. This is an excellent question to ask tarot cards and receive a perfect answer. Maybe yours is a “happy ever after” story.

10. What is the barrier between me and true love?

Tarot will reveal your weaknesses and why you are not finding the love you want. Again, be ready to be corrected.

The Bottom Line About Tarot Card Questions

Tarot cards will answer all your questions correctly. Humility will go a long way in ensuring you benefit from tarot cards’ answers.  Give room for some inaccuracies, though. The future is never guaranteed.