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How alternative medicine from India can support your mental health


Life sometimes feels empty. You can feel a rainbow of happiness one day, and cry out all your tears on another. Anger, anxiety, and sadness often lead to sleeping disorders. Not only that, but they also can affect your general health

If you feel anything of that sort, then you definitely should get medical attention. Gladly there is a place you can get help that is unique and natural – Alveda. Professionals of Ayurveda, alternative medicine that originated in India can aid you with online Ayurveda consultation.


What is Ayurvedic cure?

Ayurvedic services come from a system of ayurvedic medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. It’s based on the balance within and between your body, emotions, and the soul. Doctors from Alveda perfected their knowledge of these three and know how you can find peace within them.

Your body contains three types of energy – Ojas (vitality), Tejas (strength), and finally Prana (life force). They handle health balance of the different parts of your body. 

You gain your energy from the universal elements of Agni (Fire), Akasha (Space), Vayu (Air), Jala (Water), and Prithvi (Earth). 

  1. Ojas the root of vitality and immunity. In other words, it’s vigor, which floats and energizes your whole body. 
  2. Tejas the root of digestion and metabolism. The energy of the body and intellect allows you to gain essential resources from your food.
  3. Prana the root of life force. Affected by control of breathing and mind. Prana is about the movement of your energy in the body.

Alternative medicine focuses mainly on your good health. Energy is flowing in your blood, mind, and spirit, and its crucial to keep them healthy. You might want to get attention from a professional medical company  like Alveda. (1)

Ayurveda and mental health support

So how can an Ayurvedic consultation support your mental health? Well, it depends on the type of mental resentment. Generally, through the balancing your energy and life forces by different means, your doctor can get to the core of the problem.

Causes and consequences

There are a lot of different aspects which can cause health issues. And what you observe in your body and mind are the consequences. One way or another, it is all linked to your mental health. The job of doctors is to find the source of those symptoms. 

You might have:

  • sleep deprivation;
  • stress;
  • body ache;
  • social pressure;
  • emotional rollercoasters.

Dealing with it can be very challenging and sometimes impossible, but with knowledge of the energy flow, how it moves through you, and how it affects your different body parts you can change that. Become healthy again, don’t be scared. Ayurvedic treatment of Alveda can provide qualified help by practicing doctors with medical degrees. (2)

How you can be helped

Ayurveda doctors will gladly help you. They will guide you and help your discover a personalized way of healthy life. Medicinal herbs, yoga, meditation, and emotional and spiritual guidance are just a few of the options. Furthermore, you can find other variants with your doctors that will suit you perfectly.

Prices are reasonable and highly affordable. Starting from €10 for visiting your doctor. Ends with a big subscription package for the whole family. Including 2 video consultations of up to 45 minutes per month, for all your family members.



After considering everything you just read. Think about it. Energy is not what you see but what you feel and that is the reason for all the problems in our body and spirit.  Maybe the time has come to learn something so valuable? Let’s learn how to balance energy together with the help of Alveda!