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How do legal steroids work?


Legal steroids refer to all the different types of steroids used by bodybuilders to increase their chances of gaining muscle and strength which do not fall under the illegal term. Another name for these types of steroids is anabolic steroids and they come in numerous forms. The most common form of these steroids is the pill form which is administered orally. Anabolic steroids help promote the production of protein in the body which in turn helps the individual using it to increase their muscle size. These types of steroids also help the body produce ATP, which is a kind of “fuel,” which an individual’s muscles need to move. To know more about the steroids available in pill form, go to SECEC.org

The next most common type of steroids administered by athletes is the injectable form. These kinds of steroids are usually taken by way of injecting them into the buttocks in the upper outer quadrant region. However, some bodybuilders have been known to administer this drug to specific parts of their body to effect that particular part directly. Although, this theory has been proven wrong and having no positive results on the development of muscle in that specific area. It is also possible that the site of the injection can be damaged if this method is used, causing more pain to the athlete than any benefit. 

Another way individuals like to administer steroids is by introducing a specific routine. One such routine is cycling. This means that the individual will have specific on and off period where they will take the steroids for a specific number of weeks and stop the use for the next few weeks. Cycles usually consist of an “on” period of 12 weeks with a gap or “off” period of 6 weeks. When it comes to stacking, bodybuilders use multiple steroids all at one time and do what is known as “stack” them. Usually, bodybuilders will stack various forms of pills and injectible steroids together. This is done in the hopes of improving the effects of both types of steroids however, it can prove to be dangerous if not done with care. 

When looking at the history of steroid development, scientists first discovered and separates synthetic anabolic steroids in 1930. There have been reports of countries giving their soldiers steroids to increase their strength during the war. However, it was in the 1950s when a bodybuilder named John Zigler successfully discovered steroids by using himself as the human guinea pig. He wrote a book about his experiments and discoveries and the craze of the use of steroids began. 

It is also important to note that there are some uses of steroids that can be dangerous such as the treatment of sprained muscles. Steroids are not pained killers and should not be used for the treatment and healing of strained muscles. It is important to use steroids with care and seek help from a health care provider if any symptoms are felt that are out of the ordinary or “wrong.”