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How Do You Know You’ve Found Your Soulmate?


If you’ve been dating around for a while, it can be difficult to tell if the love that you’re feeling is the real thing or simply infatuation, and once you have had multiple partners, it can feel like you’ll never find the right person to settle down with. However, the time will eventually come when you meet the person that you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with – but it’s not always easy to realize when you’ve found your soulmate. There are various aspects to the perfect relationship to look out for, and if all the boxes are ticked, you may have just found your soulmate.

You Feel an Instant Spark

One of the biggest giveaways that you have met your soulmate is that you feel an intense spark the second you start talking to one another. You’ll feel as though you have known this person for years even though it has only been a few minutes, and you’ll never want to stop talking to them.

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You Can Talk to Them About Anything – and They Listen

There is no point in staying in a relationship where you feel like you need to walk on eggshells around your partner when you are speaking, for fear of their reaction. If you need to vent about how awful your day has been and your partner is reluctant to let you talk or refuses to listen at all, then the relationship can become extremely one-sided, and you may feel as though you are getting no support. This can be incredibly isolating and will lead to problems later in the relationship if you don’t fix it or get out as soon as you can.

It’s important that in a loving and respectful relationship, you are able to talk to your partner about absolutely anything you need or want to without feeling like you’re being judged or a burden. You should be able to share your darkest secrets, guilty pleasures and the stranger sides of yourself and be wholly accepted and loved for them. If you’re able to fully achieve this with your significant other, then you may have just found your soulmate.

They Become Your Best Friend

A lot of people believe that your best friend and your partner must be completely separate people, but this simply isn’t true. It is perfectly normal for your significant other to be your best friend, and this will even make the relationship feel much more natural and enjoyable.

Enjoying every moment that you spend with your partner, loving going out with them – whether it be to the movies, out drinking, or simply grocery shopping – and having lots in common are all signs that your significant other may also be your best friend. The biggest hint that your partner is your best friend, however, is that you aren’t bored or tired of their company even when you are simply sitting next to each other, rarely communicating. If you can spend hours in silence and still be completely comfortable with one another and enjoy each other’s company, you have found your soulmate.

You Have the Same Goals

While there is nothing wrong with living in the moment, it is important that you establish your long-term goals with your partner and make sure that they coincide. There is nothing worse than getting a few years into a relationship and deciding that you want to marry and start a family, only to learn that they have never planned or wanted either of these goals.

Make sure that you discuss your long-term goals when the relationship is relatively new to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time falling for someone who isn’t going to be able to provide everything you need and want out of life. While you may differ regarding career paths and what state you both want to live in, if you agree on aspects such as future family prospects, you may have found your soulmate. It is only natural in relationships that you will disagree on some goals and prospects, but it’s vitally important that you agree on the larger decisions in life.

You Never Feel Uncomfortable                                           

A good way to know if you have found your soulmate is that you will never feel uncomfortable around them. For example, if you are uncomfortable around heavy drinkers and your significant other begins to adopt drinking heavily into their regular routine, this may be a sign that they’re not the one for you. As well as this, a good partner will never make you feel bad about your appearance by commenting on your weight, your outfit choice, or just overall belittling you to the point where you are constantly seeking their approval. If the latter begins to happen, this could be a sign of domestic abuse and you should recognize this as early as possible and make sure that you leave the relationship.

The right person for you should never make you feel uncomfortable in any sense and always make you feel good in the relationship and, overall, good about yourself. So, if you have found someone that you can be completely comfortable around all the time, you’re probably dating your soulmate.

You Feel a Great Deal of Empathy for Them

Empathy is a basic emotion that all humans feel – when we see someone in pain, we begin to feel sad and wish that we could make it better. While you may feel empathy on a regular basis, you know you’ve met your soulmate when you feel an overwhelming sense of empathy for them.

If they have injured themselves, you may feel as though you have sustained the same injury, as your feelings for them are so great that seeing them in pain can cause you just as much pain emotionally as they are in physically. This also works the other way, though. If your partner has just gotten a new job and is incredibly happy, you may feel even happier than they do as you will recognize the efforts that they have gone through and feel an immense sense of pride and love towards them. Once the emotions that you and your partner feel towards each other have reached this level of intensity, you have entered soulmate territory.

Finding your soulmate can be an incredibly tough task to accomplish, but it is one that people all over the world are trying to complete. If you have just started dating someone, it can be hard to know if they really are the one that you want to spend the rest of life with, so make sure that you pay close attention to your feelings and find out if your current partner is your true soulmate.