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How Gemstones Can Bring Some Color and Benefit to Your Life


A piece of jewelry does more than just elevate your worth or make you look elegant for a night. It is the sentiment and significance of the piece, which is what makes it so dear and bold. Jewelry that has the aura of your truest desires, achievements, relationships, and love is truly eternal ones.

Gemstones are highly popular today owing to the fact that they emit the aura and persona of what you want to symbolize. People buy gemstones to enrich their lives with the beautiful energies in the universe to show their dear ones what they mean to them or even as a reminder of how far they’ve come.

To get a better idea about what makes gemstones so auspicious, continue reading. 

Mythological Meanings behind Gemstones: 

When people buy gemstones, they buy them either for their elegant look or their symbolism, but people forget that gemstones have a rich history behind them, each riddled with its own legend.

1. Ruby: Also known as The King of precious stones or the Ratnaraj, the Ruby gemstone is a famous one in ancient Hindu tradition. It was believed that those who offered the finest rubies to Lord Krishna would be reincarnated as emperors. The stone is also mentioned multiple times in the Bible as a symbol of wisdom and beauty. Many cultures believed that the rubies held the power of life within them, owing to their blood-red color. Amongst the European kingdom, members of nobility and royalty wore the stone to assure them good health, wealth, wisdom, and prosperity. Many Kings had their crowns adorned with precious stones, with the brightest Ruby highlighted in the center.

2. Emerald: Emeralds are known for more than their serene and captivating greens. Bible Myths has it that God gave King Solomon emeralds, a gift that brought power over all of creation itself. In Incan legend, it is said that they used emeralds as jewelry and religious offerings. Some even believed in Asian and European regions, that placing the emerald under the tongue would allow them to see deep into the future and the truth of all things. Wearing emeralds is also said to offer protection and ward off evil spells and energies. Legend also attributes the ability to be able to reveal the truth to a lover’s oath with the emerald.

3. Diamond: Diamonds are the hardest, toughest stones to exist in the known history of the planet. They are the only gemstones that are made completely from one pure element, carbon. The molecules of diamonds bond in perfect symmetry naturally, which is what makes them so strong. People have long symbolized power, strength, innocence, purity, longevity, fortune, and stability, with diamonds. Buddhist teachings mention diamonds in one of the most important Mahayana sutra, known as the diamond sutra. (White Sapphire)

4. Moonstone (Pearl): Moonstones were believed to be made of solidified moonbeams in Hindu mythology. Most other cultures associate the stone with the beams of moonlight as well. This may be due to the fact, the geological structure of the stone naturally scatters light and creates adularescence, something that looks exactly like moonlight. Like emeralds, these stones were believed to reveal the truth of life and someone’s future, during a full moonlight.

5. Topaz: Gem cutters in history would call Topaz the stone most capable of protecting people against disease and strange deaths. It is said to strengthen intelligence, relieve anger and sadness, and even helps people overcome their fear. Topaz was said to cool boiling water, become invisible when immersed in poison, and can even create its own light. It is a very mystical stone and many legends have been carved around the light and essence of the Topaz. Even Indian mythology refers to this stone multiple times.

6. Cat’s Eye: Cat’s eye is said to be used to protect soldiers from death by tricking enemies into thinking their targets had died already. In Hindu myth, placing this stone on a person’s third eye was believed to exponentially increase their psychic abilities and drive away evil. These beliefs stem from the fact that the stone’s darker bands transform into bright ones, while the brighter ones transform into darker bands when turned. The phenomenon signifies the mutual inclusivity of opposites like dualist principles. If the light is signified as good, and dark is signified as evil, the ability of both bands to transform into each other is proof that the theory is dissolved completely.

When buying gemstones, knowing the history associated with each can help choose the one that means most to you. These are only a few of the gemstones available, and only a few of the legends that are around the world.