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How To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship


Every relationship has different needs, but one aspect that it’s important in every romantic partnership is a sense of intimacy. Intimacy goes beyond romantic or sexual exploration, it can also include intellectual and emotional intimacy. Building a solid foundation for closeness in your relationship can help establish healthy communication, build trust and help both you and your partner. Relationships, where people feel safe being intimate with each other, tend to be more successful, and the people involved feel like a team no matter what comes their way.

If you’re in a new relationship, or you’re feeling like your relationship has lost intimacy over time, you may be wondering ways you can encourage more warm moments in your relationship. Though deep bonds aren’t formed overnight, there are ways that you can create an environment for intimate moments to thrive. Not only will this help you and your partner’s relationship, but you may also feel like you learn more about yourself too.

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Making Time

One of the simplest ways that you can create space for intimacy is to carve out quality time for you and your partner. Though this is sometimes easier said than done in the craziness of day to day life, even a weekly date night can make a big difference. Without time together, it can be difficult for people to feel connected to each other, let alone comfortable enough to be vulnerable.

Quality time can be as extravagant as a special night out to dinner, or an evening cuddled up on the couch with a new movie. This time together creates the opportunity for emotional and physical intimacy with your partner. These moments of closeness are also great times to tackle more difficult conversations, such as ones about the future of the relationship. Instead of feeling rushed or talking about these things when one of you is stressed, doing it in moments of warmth can help these discussions go productively.

The key to making the time more intimate is to commit to really connecting to one another. Put phones away, set the kids up with a babysitter, and create space for you and your partner to bond without distraction. There is nothing worse than a promised date night going sour because one or both partners aren’t making an effort to be fully present.

 Share With Each Other

Some people open up easier than others. It can be challenging to be vulnerable and share experiences, thoughts or feelings that may be on your mind. Though you may trust your partner, you may feel nervous that they will view you in a different light because of it. The more you can challenge yourself to open up about your past, the closer your partner can feel to you. The things that you have experienced are a big part of who you are, and expressing them can help you and your partner build a strong emotional connection.

There are simpler ways to share with each other that can help build intimacy, such as by using words of affirmation. By regularly showing your appreciation for your partner and the ways that they add to your life, you can continue to foster an environment of love and care. This can be beneficial when your partner does something for you or makes an effort to be there for you. By expressing your love and gratitude for your partner, you can find comfort in your relationship.

Keep The Love Alive

Though physical intimacy isn’t everything, it is an important part of any healthy relationship. Though you may seek out sexual experiences with your partner, there are other ways to be physically intimate. Little pats on the shoulder, hugs and back rubs are ways to build physical intimacy in a relationship. These non-sexual acts can build a sense of reassurance between you and your partner, and help you both feel well loved.

When it comes to the sexual aspects of your relationship, communication is key. By talking about your likes and dislikes in the bedroom, and making sure that exploration is consensual, you and your partner can build healthy sexual intimacy. Though there may be lulls in the frequency of your sexual experiences, continuing to talk about your desires with your partner can help you find ways to make it work.

Have Experiences Together

One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to build intimacy? Sharing experiences with your partner. By seeking out fun adventures, you can enjoy life in special ways. You can try renting a kayak one day or planning a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go. These experiences create memories for you to look back on, and make your bond stronger. Though forming a routine is important in any relationship, breaking patterns every once and a while can help keep your love alive.

These experiences can also be celebrations of accomplishments or milestones in your relationship. Making an effort to have fun together helps you and your partner feel close and take a break from the stresses of daily life. There are other ways to have these moments, such as by taking a class together or trying out a new hobby. Sharing interests is another way for you and your romantic partner to connect on a deeper level. It gives you something to relate to and opens up possibilities for unexpected connections.

Intimacy is something that needs to be cared for over time. If you find there are times when you feel less intimate with your partner, open up a conversation with it. There are nuances in every relationship, and by making intimate connection with your partner a priority, you can ensure that both of you feel well taken care of and supported. Fostering intimacy can help you and your partner set yourself up for a happy and long lasting relationship.