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Tips to Improving Your Sex Life: A Dude’s Guide to Intimacy


There’s nothing better than finding a romantic partner who’s great in the bedroom. After all, getting intimate with someone you care about is one of the greatest joys life can offer. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t always cooperate with what your mind wants. Even though the thought of getting intimate with your partner sounds ideal, it isn’t always easy for men to retain their stamina in the bedroom.

There are a slew of issues that can create problems in the bedroom, especially if you’re getting older. But even young men can struggle with erectile dysfunction. poor blood flow, and lethargy, all of which can lead to poor sexual performance. Sometimes, the cause of such an issue is a hormonal imbalance in your testosterone levels. Even more commonly, however, high levels of stress can impact your sexual performance, especially when there’s a global pandemic occurring. Many couples have found themselves struggling to make their time in the bedroom more exciting at this time.

Consider this piece your dude’s guide to intimacy. If you’re finding it difficult to find satisfaction in the bedroom, here are some top tips to help improve your sex life.

Invest in the best male enhancement pills.

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation…whatever problem you’re coping with, there’s a pill for that.

Men are always typified as these horny teenagers that can’t help but rush to the bedroom on a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, that makes talking about erectile dysfunction and the need for male enhancement pills a fairly taboo subject. Relying on the best male enhancement pills, however, can help take your bedroom performance from “meh” to “give me more.”

With natural ingredients, male enhancement pills are designed to boost sexual performance without the need for injections, surgery, or other invasive procedures. These male enhancers can help boost blood circulation to the necessary areas while boosting testosterone levels. The potent ingredients can help you last longer, feel harder, and have a greater desire for sex when it’s time to get down and dirty.

Find ways to lower stress, like taking CBD.

There’s no doubt that it’s a stressful time right now. If meditation and a hot bubble bath aren’t reducing your stress levels, it might be time to look for another form of natural relaxation.

CBD comes from CBD flowers, a close cousin to the marijuana plant. CBD, however, doesn’t contain the THC in a cannabis plant that helps get you high. Rather, CBD relies on other natural properties to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed out because of the current state of the world, taking natural CBD oil before bed each night can help you sleep better and feel more relaxed the next day. You can even look for a CBD flower for sale in order to smoke it or bake it into a tasty snack. While this won’t directly affect your erection quality, it can certainly help you get it up if you’re feeling stressed out. You can even look into different haze strains in CBD products to see which ones appeal to your sexual needs.

Get inspired by…outside sources.

If your sexual desire is running a little low, it might be time to bring in some help. Watching porn, playing  with toys, buying some fun lingerie are all great ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom. There are several couple sex toys that can really help to spice up your sex life. Talk to your partner about their preferences and see if you can make their dreams become a reality. Just be sure to seek out your doctor’s advice before trying every difficult pose in the Kama Sutra.

Emphasize communication with your partner.

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, the above resources can certainly help. But if you’re finding it difficult to improve your sexual desire with your partner, talking to them can help set you on the right track.

Poor communication in the bedroom is a serious problem among couples. It’s been ingrained in the United States that talking about our own pleasure is taboo, even if you’re in the middle of a sexual act. Simply asking your partner to move a little to the left might still be uncomfortable for some people to ask. This lack of communication can put a serious strain on the relationship if partners aren’t being satisfied.

Even if it’s awkward, it’s vital for couples to talk openly with each other about their sexual desire—or even lack thereof. Not every couple will have the same energy levels and even more, would rather say nothing than offend their partner. Lay it out on the table so you can lay down in the bedroom. You can even seek couples counseling to help facilitate these conversations if needed.