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How to choose Dakimakura Anime Pillow and Buy it


The dakimakura are large Japanese pillows on which are represented anime characters. The term comes from “daki” which means “hang on” and “makura” which translates to “pillow”.

The sex toys you ask for things (or get some feedback on what you do with them) have many problems. And this pillow is basically an erotic toy, a little before the future shows us that one-day robots will become our lovers.

How does it work and what does it do?

The crowdfunding project of the Japanese Koichi Uchimura was more successful than expected and now the Itaspo pillow is ready to go on the market. If you separate it into parts it is a pillow, a cover with the image of a girl in a nightgown (it could be a boy, it could be the case you choose) that looks vulnerable and willing to put your hands on it. A sensor that responds to your caresses (in the case that “you’re good”, we’ll go to that) and a female voice with almost 500 responses, from “I tickle” to “no, not so hard!”

What is it? Where to get them?

The dakimakura are enormous Japanese pillows covered with a holster. This cover usually represents an anime character lying down. They are now part of the waifu culture, but you can also find blankets representing men or dakimakura yaoi online.

You can find the largest selection of dakimakura in online stores. In the past, it was really hard for anime fans around the world to import these Japanese pillows into their country. Indeed, many dakimakura sellers do not speak Japanese or only accept Japanese payment methods. In addition, some of them do not ship their products abroad because it is difficult to send this kind of pillow by package.

But it’s over! Coosfly.com is here to buy and ship the best dakimakura to your home. It’s their job, and you will love them!

Where can I buy these pillows?

In the online markets, there are many specialized websites that offer a wide range of dakimakura. Do you want to sleep with an anime or video game character? It’s up to you!

How to get a personalized dakimakura?

Some websites allow you to create your own Dakimakura pillows using the images of your choice. Just download your Miia images from Daily Life with a Monster Girl, Overwatch’s DAVA or NieR Automata’s 2B. With these files, these companies will be able to print your favorite character directly on the pillowcase. Then you can finally tighten against yourself before falling asleep.

How to clean a Dakimakura?

Hand washing is the best way to clean your dakimakura. But it is also the one that takes the most time. You will only need a basin, detergent without bleach, and a toothbrush. First, put detergent in cold water, then immerse your cover in this liquid. Use the toothbrush to remove the most stubborn stains. After this operation, all you have to do is leave your pillow cover in the water for 30 minutes. Rinse your blanket with clear water.

The second method requires a washing machine with a wash cycle for delicate clothes and detergent without bleach. Place the cover directly in the washing machine and add the detergent to the corresponding compartment. Set the machine to the mode for delicate clothes and at the lowest temperature.

In any case, remember not to use a dryer or hairdryer. Simply extend your waifu as it dries.