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Is Your Pillow Preventing You from a Good Night’s Sleep?


You can’t get a good night’s sleep no matter what you try? Have you ever found yourself tossing and turning all night long? The cause could be right under your head…

Most of us assume that if they aren’t getting the sleep they need, they might have been suffering from stress, depression or even from drinking too much alcohol or caffeine. But few of us ever thought about the idea that maybe the state of our pillow, could be preventing us from falling into a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

In fact, choosing and buying the right cushioning for your head, neck, and spine is one of the most important parts of sleeping well. Crucial factors in giving your upper body a proper rest are the qualities of a pillow. You will come across many pillows, such as hard or softs, thin or thick, latex or memory foam, but the most important thing is to play choose the pillow that will play the best role in resting your upper body.

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Some of the factors which affect our sleep quality every morning after we wake up is knowing when to replace it and keeping that pillow clean.

As we know by so far, there are many pillows but there is no single pillow that is best for everyone. By proper pillow selection, you won’t be waking up with neck or spine pain. Most people are used to one pillow and they even use it after its prime, after it loses its original shape, becomes lumpy or flat or even when it has been used longer than a year. When we see these changes in our pillows it means that it’s ready for replacement. If this is your case you should consider the following recommendations for choosing the right pillow.

Our body shape, size, and preferred sleep postures should influence our selection for choosing the right pillow. The pillow must adequately support our head and align the neck with the rest of the spine.

For people who sleep on their stomach and back, consider choosing a low-profile to medium-thickness pillow to keep your head and neck the closest possible to the mattress. Sleeping on our backs is generally better for our spine. Try placing a smaller pillow under your knees to provide enough additional support to the lower back. 

Side sleepers need to be careful about the height of their pillow. By selecting a medium to high thickness, firmer pillows will keep the neck aligned with the spine. Furthermore, by putting a soft, low-density pillow between the knees it will align the upper hip and pelvis with the lower back.

If you feel like your sleep posture creates you troubles at falling asleep, try finding yourself a medium-thickness pillow with little to no contour.

Another important thing we should all we aware of while choosing the right pillow is the filling of the pillow. This factor should also affect the choice. Some of them are synthetic, which are found to be the most affordable on the market. One of the softest pillows is made of feathers. If you’re searching for the most precise support, try finding for contoured synthetic foam and memory foam pillows. If you’re suffering from allergies, then you should choose latex pillows, which are also one of the most long-lasting pillows. And for customizable support, height and firmness try the water pillows.

You should replace your pillow every year. The hair and body oils soak into the pillow after a year’s use and are a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria and dust mites.