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How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for You: The Ultimate Guide


Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is oil made from the flower, bud, leaves as well as stems of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is one of the best natural supplements, which people have found definitively useful. You can opt to take it orally or add it to moisturizers and balms for topical application.

Its use is global, making it hard for some to even, know what quality is. This makes its buy a bit difficult for some, especially first time users.

Nonetheless, do not worry we got you covered today, with this guide to choosing the best CBD oil for you.

1.     Establish a buying criteria

Given its rampant growth, it can be hard to choose from the various forms available from CBD oils to CBD-based products. However, by knowing what to look for you can buy the best type for yourself. You can consume Vitaleaf Naturals CBD oil, it may right for you among mazes of choices.

For example, you can base your buying criteria on its price, taste be it flavored or natural taste. Ease of use and efficacy also plays a role when it comes to buying this oil, as capsules are often easier to ingest than vape oil while vape oils are more effective than capsules. In the end, this determines your consumption habit.

Its concentration also matters as it states how muchCBD is in your CBD oil option, thus making it easier to assess its strength and value.

2.     Select an appropriate dose of CBD oil

All CBD products come in different doses and concentration. Higher doses of CBD will obviously have a distinct and noticeable effect, so you can opt to work your way up the dose or maintain a particular dose. It all depends on how comfortable you are with your dosage.

For dose information, you can check the product information, either on its external package or on the manufacturer website. You can also seek recommendations from a reputable medic in this field, for appropriate dosage depending on your goal.

3.     Select the best form of CBD product

The current market is not short of CBD-infused and based products. The variety can be overwhelming for some, as you might be tempted to just dive in and try it all. Some popular ones are tinctures, topicals, vape oils, and capsules.

Tinctures can be applied orally, added to beverages or food via a dropper. For vape oils, you can take them orally or inhale it vaporized form. You can apply topicals where you need it and for capsules just pop them in your mouth and drink some water.

4.     Know its various extraction methods

Knowing how your CBD oil is made can help you make a better buying choice. As some methods might expose this product to harmful contaminants while others may make it very pure. The more you know the easieritwould be, to find your ideal product amid the wide range available.

5.     Know its source

As much as you know how your CBD oil is made, it is also great to know where it was grown.High-quality ones are made from high-quality materials, so keep that in mind. In relation, always buy from reputable brands, no matter the price tag.

6.     Check THC level in your CBD oil

CBD oils are often derived from hemp and marijuana and each of them has some levels of THC, an acidic compound in cannabis plants. THC has psychoactive effects, so knowing how much of it your product has, can help you make a better purchasing decision.

7.     CBD full spectrum or isolates

You should also consider the overall makeup of your oil since the market usually offers two types the full spectrums and the isolates.

Isolates are purified while the full spectrums have all the active ingredients that are found in the plant. There are many things, which separate, isolates from spectrums and it is what determines the quality and capability of your product.

8.     Shop for independent lab tested products

When shopping for your oil, especially online always check if it is third-party tested. This means it should have another approval from a neutral party, independent lab testing. This is because this oil still lacks proper regulation and manufacturers can just sell it as they please.

The independent lab tests often protect you as the consumer, so it is best to keep an eye for it while shopping for your CBD oil. You can check for Third Party Tested label on the product or the website about section.


In conclusion, be informed about CBD and CBD oils for safe and better use. Otherwise, always feel free to contact a professional in the area for some help and guideline.