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How to crack NEET if I am weak in biology 


NEET is a once-a-year offline examination. The exam attracted approximately 15 lakh candidates. For BSc Nursing and Life Sciences Admissions, NEET UG 2021 results will be used. The number of cities hosting NEET 2021 exam centers has been increased from 155 to 202, including two overseas cities, Dubai and Kuwait. 

According to the latest NEET 2021 news, the official NEET answer key was issued on October 15, 2021. NTA has also made the NEET OMR sheet available on its official website, neet.nta.nic.in. Candidates can use the NEET answer key and OMR sheet to estimate their probable results in the medical entrance test. The official answer key, which contains the solutions to the NEET questions, will be issued. NEET answer keys can be disputed by paying Rs 1000 per question if there is a difference. Aspirants must pay Rs 200 per question in the online method to challenge the NEET UG omr sheet PDF. 

 Importance of Biology in NEET exam: – 

The NEET test is one of India’s most important competitive exams. Thousands of students take this exam every year in the hopes of realizing their career goals. Biology is the most important subject on this exam, especially for individuals interested in pursuing a career in medicine. As a result, you should be aware of the anticipated NEET biology questions to target your preparations. 

As you may be aware, NEET papers are divided into 180 questions, 90 of which are from the biology section. As a result, it accounts for half of the paper, making it the most important subject to study. Biology is easier to pass than physics and chemistry because of the theoretical nature of the questions. Around 40-42 questions are from the 11th-grade syllabus, while the remaining 48-50 questions are from the 12th-grade syllabus. 

  Tips to crack NEET if you are weak in Biology  

You should make a strategy to answer NEET biology questions correctly. Mentioned below are a few tips to crack NEET if you are weak in biology.  

  1. Taking Notes – Taking extensive notes on any topic is crucial to revising it. As a result, practice taking notes while reading a specific chapter to ensure optimal preparation. When it comes time to revise, you can just go through these notes instead of reading the chapter again. 
  2. Descriptive Information – When learning new concepts, attempt to gather as much information as possible about the subject. Rather than building a broad concept, this exercise will assist you in developing a detailed understanding of each chapter. You will also be able to use examples to illustrate your idea if you have a clear grasp. 
  3. Syllabus – A thorough examination of the syllabus is required to pass the NEET biology portions. To help you with your preparations, refer to the crucial issues listed above. 
  4. Learn all biological terms related to NEET UG biology cell structure and function, as well as all other topics, in this section. Also, make sure you go through each concept’s most vital details. 
  5. Managing Time – Each day is just 24 hours long, and you must study and engage in other activities throughout that time. As a result, if you plan haphazardly, you may run out of time. Fortunately, creating a timetable or habit can assist with this. Make sure you give each subject ample time to prepare. 

Additionally, practice answering questions in the allotted time. This will help you build a rapid pace, which is necessary for you to finish the entire NEET question paper. 

Diagrams and flowcharts are also important aspects of NEET biology preparation. Make sure you practice them so you can grasp the structure, form, and function of cells, organisms, and other biological systems. 

While it is important to solve NEET biology questions from past years’ examinations, you should also be available to rest. Maintain a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. These items will help you stay in shape both physically and mentally. 

 Furthermore, your brain would require some break after learning NEET-UG biology structural organization in animals and plants. As a result, make sure you receive enough sleep every day. This is usually between 7 and 8 hours long. Recreation can also give your brain a break, allowing it to assimilate more knowledge when you return to school. 

 NEET PYQP with Answers Keys for 2020 

Many youngsters aspire to be doctors. The occupation is well-respected as well as financially rewarding. Every year, over a million students, take the incredibly difficult NEET exam to pursue an MBBS/BDS degree. There are 180 objective-type questions in the exam, and you have 3 hours to complete them. If you are studying for the NEET exam and want to become a doctor, you should download NEET PYQP with Answers Keys for 2020. NEET previous year question questions will assist students in comprehending the exam’s pattern. 

It should be remembered that candidates can only object to a question or answer in the NEET provisional answer key within a certain amount of time. 

They must submit their challenge to the official answer key using the NTA’s online system after paying Rs.1000 per question. Candidates must provide proof of their eligibility. If the candidates’ claim is judged to be genuine, the fee paid to challenge the answer key will be reimbursed; otherwise, it will be non-refundable. 


Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) administers India’s single medical entrance test, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Biology, which encompasses Botany and Zoology, is a single topic with the greatest number of questions. So, if you want to get a good mark on the NEET 2022 exam, you will need to know how to study Biology.  

The NEET qualifying percentile has been broken down into categories and summarized in the table below. To assist applicants, the actual marks obtained in previous years have been listed so that candidates can get an idea of how much they need to achieve in order to pass the exam.