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How to Create Delicious and Vegan Coffee Drinks

Vegan Coffee Drinks

Going vegan often means having to skip out on some common foods and beverages, but luckily coffee does not have to be one of those. All coffee by itself is vegan, so you do not have to worry about it going against your dietary preferences. If you like adding more flavor and cream to your coffee, it can be a bit trickier. This guide can teach you how to keep making your favorite coffee drinks while keeping them vegan. 

Plant-based milk

Nearly every cream-based drink, such as a latte or cappuccino, can be made vegan by simply replacing the cream with plant-based milk. You can make your regular cup of Mystic Monk Coffee and add your favorite milk. 

There are many plant-based milk alternatives, and each has its own pros and cons when it comes to flavor and creaminess. For example, if you love frothed milk, you should use oat milk because it froths best and is the creamiest. Coconut milk or cream will always provide a coconut flavor to your coffee.  

No matter which milk you decide to use, it can add flavor and balance out the acidity of just plain black coffee. 

There are also vegan whipped creams that you can either make or buy that will add that delicious creamy topping to an iced coffee or frappuccino. 

You can make a simple, sweet, and creamy iced coffee by just adding vegan condensed milk to some cold brew.

Plant-based additives

You can add many plants and plant-based flavors to coffee. Chicory is a root that can add some kick to your morning cup of coffee. Chicory coffee is popular in New Orleans and can provide added health benefits. Some people even trade out their regular cup of coffee for an entirely chicory-based alternative. 

Cocoa is an excellent option if you want to add a chocolatey flavor to your coffee while keeping it vegan. Straight cocoa doesn’t have the milk added into a lot of chocolate but still provides the rich flavor commonly found in mocha pairings.

Ginger and chile peppers are great options to add some heat to your morning coffee. These flavors will add a new dimension to your morning drink that can help get you going. The flavor comes from the plants, which makes them a great vegan option.

There are also many spice options to upgrade your coffee, such as cardamon, cloves, and cinnamon. Whole or ground, these spices can add more flavor while keeping your drink plant-based. 

Coconut, peppermint, or hazelnut oils are a great alternative to syrups that are often added to coffee. Oils and extracts add extra flavor while keeping you in control of everything that is added to your drink. 

Parting shot 

You can make the perfect cup of coffee vegan by switching out a few regular add-ins with vegan alternatives. With the variety of vegan milk, creams, and flavor add-ins, there is no reason not to be able to enjoy a vegan latte.