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How to Find Genuine Psychics and Avoid Scammers


If you believe in the supernatural guidance and power of authentic psychic readings, you’ve likely experienced an all too common issue: A lot of con artists just want your money. They aren’t psychic or intuitive. They’re just plain greedy, and they’ll do anything to take advantage of you.

There are lots of scammers in the psychic community. By definition, people seeking readings open themselves up and become vulnerable in hopes of finding wisdom and comfort.

Scammers are ready and willing to spout all sorts of nonsense about the spiritual realm in their quest to make a buck. It’s unfortunate that such people exist. It’s enough to make many seekers completely swear off the esoteric arts.

Therein lies the real shame. This is because genuine psychic readings are positive, life-affirming experiences. But you don’t have to abandon psychic guidance altogether. There are ways you can identify con artists and protect yourself from them. Here’s an outline to help you find a genuine psychic for a reading and have a life you truly love.

What to Expect During a Reading

Psychics have access to insights and sources of intuition and information that aren’t available to most people. There are some things you can do to make a psychic’s job easier so they can more effectively help you. The keys to a good reading are to ask the right questions and to understand your responsibilities and role as the client.

It will take time for a psychic to establish a spiritual connection with you, so you and the psychic may both flounder a bit, especially at first. Be patient. You may even need multiple sessions. A psychic reading is like a two-way street. The connection your reader establishes with you is comparable to a friendship or a patient-therapist relationship. It’s a helpful component of your life, and it’s exactly what many psychic-advice seekers need.

Once your reader is tuned into you, you’ll be surprised by how thoroughly the psychic understands you. They’ll be like the best therapist you’ve ever consulted, and will effortlessly supply advice and insights you never suspected you needed.

Don’t be too specific when asking questions. Don’t ask “When will I be promoted at work?” or “When am I going to meet my future spouse?” Instead, ask more general questions, such as “How can I be professionally successful?” or “How can I be more open to love?”

Psychic Readings by Phone

Legitimate psychic readings over the telephone are possible. More than technical details such as laying a tarot spread or holding customers’ hands while reading their palms, the sincerity and effort a psychic puts towards a reading has the most profound impact.

This means that there’s no reason why phone readings would be any less or more valid than in-person readings. The important thing is that the psychic reader and the client both approach the session with intention and belief, and that they both put forth their best efforts to obtain a good connection.

When to Get a Psychic Reading

When you find the right psychic reader for you, it’s important to figure out how frequently you should consult with them. Psychics agree that sessions shouldn’t feel like simple chit-chat. They should focus on meaningful advice.

In times of extreme stress and turmoil—when you feel your life has turned upside-down, and someone keeps changing the rules on you—there’s no shame in consulting a psychic once a week, or even more frequently. When you feel as though things are on track, then calling less frequently is certainly acceptable.

Important life events are another factor in your decision. Rather than setting a schedule, call when your situation warrants. A great time to check in would be at the start or end of a relationship, or when you’re pursuing a career change. With all that said, you should call as frequently as you need to. The purpose of the reading is to benefit you, so there aren’t any specific rules related to how frequently you should meet with your psychic reader.

How to Spot Fake Psychics

You’ve gotten this far, so you already have a fairly good idea of how to discern if a psychic reader is authentic, or if they just want to take your money.

Here are some more clues. Fake psychics promise you the world. They offer a great deal of extraordinarily specific details, most of which eventually prove false. To work their scams, fake psychics use deduction and logic to fish for information about your life. They ask leading questions and trick you into oversharing information that they later claim they gleaned through their psychic abilities.

Authentic psychics don’t do this. They’ll simply ask your name and may engage in a bit of light conversation. It will immediately become apparent that they’re receiving information from sources other than you.

Real psychics also don’t fear sharing bad news. Fake psychic readers tell you things you want to hear so you’re motivated to continue returning. Genuine psychics are proud of their work. They do their jobs, give you honest and true insights, and end the sessions unless their clients have more questions.

It’s professionalism, plain and simple, and it applies to psychics as much as it does to any other job.

A Final Word

It’s disappointing that scammers have tarnished the reputations of genuine psychics, who only want to do help people in every walk of life. Genuine psychic readers are out there—you just have to find them and take advantage of their services.

You should now be confident you can successfully navigate the realm of psychic readings without getting scammed. You wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t already a believer on some level. Hopefully, this article armed you with enough knowledge to find the right psychic reader for you. Give the psychics at PsychicOz.com a try!