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How to Find the Right CBD Company to Buy From


Figuring out how to find the right CBD company to buy from may feel intimidating considering how many companies are flooding the market with impure products. However, companies like Bonata make it easy to be comfortable with your CBD choices when they make it clear how much they care about quality.

The best CBD companies understand how important your investment in your well-being is, and they have a reputation for making safe, pure CBD products. They are transparent and put the time and effort into ensuring that only the best ingredients go into their CBD edibles, vapes, and hemp flower.

Knowing what to look for will help you choose the right CBD company for you. Keep reading to discover how to know when you’ve found top shelf CBD. Then, enjoy the sense of calm you’ve been looking for from a CBD company you can trust.

Start With the Best Hemp Flower

There are three factors that go into making CBD products with the best hemp flower around:

  1. Soil
  2. Seeds
  3. Cure

Hemp Needs to be Grown in Safe Soil

Hemp is a known bioaccumulator. This means that it is great for cleaning the soil and the air, but the toxins it removes build up in the plant material. Look for CBD companies that take the utmost care to grow their hemp in clean soil to ensure that your products are free of heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides.

Good Hemp Seeds Have Good Genetics

Getting a high-quality hemp flower actually starts with the seed. Choose a company that focuses on growing hemp from seeds that are known for producing a more potent cannabinoid and terpene profile to get the most out of your CBD products with every dose.

Properly-Cured Hemp Preserves Flavor, Potency, and Freshness

Make sure the CBD company you buy from takes the time to properly cure the hemp plants to maximize retention of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp plants that have been cured right also have a longer shelf life.

The CBD Company You Buy From Should Have Experience

It’s one thing to come onto the market and claim you make the best CBD around, but companies that can back it up with years of experience are best. Look for CBD companies that have been around since hemp was first Federally legalized in 2018.

Buy CBD from Companies that Grow Hemp in the USA

Make sure you find a company that gets everything done in America. Companies that source their products on American soil are subject to strict Federal standards and this helps to ensure a better CBD product in the end.

Third-Party Lab Testing Ensures the Safety and Quality of CBD

In the end, your biggest concern for choosing the right CBD company to buy from is safety and quality. When you are investing in your well-being, you want to know you’re buying the safest, best CBD you can find.

Make sure you get your CBD from a company that is transparent. Look for third-party lab tests that are easily accessible to ensure your finished CBD products are free of mold, bacteria, pesticides, and other toxic compounds.

Putting the Customer First

CBD companies that don’t allow you to return their products don’t have confidence in their quality—and neither should you. Find a CBD company that allows you to make returns for a full refund.

Finding the Right CBD Company to Buy From is Simple When You Know What to Look For!

Simplify your CBD choices by sticking to just a few standards, and you’re sure to find the relief you’re looking for. Just make sure you buy your CBD from a company that focuses on pure, clean hemp, proper curing processes, transparency with third-party lab testing, and customer care!