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How to Grow Amanita Muscaria

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Amanita muscaria, also known as fly agaric, is one of the best-known mushrooms on the planet. Its vibrant red cap, often flecked with white, makes it easily recognizable, and it has become the subject of many stories and artworks. It is also renowned for its psychoactive properties and has been a crucial part of various shamanic traditions for centuries. 

Now, more people are becoming aware of this mushroom’s effects and wondering how to get their hands on some. This has led to an increased curiosity about how to cultivate Amanita muscaria. Here we will explore how and where these mushrooms grow and whether it is possible to start your own amanita patch. 

Amanita Muscaria Growing Conditions

Amanita muscaria grows in temperate regions, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere. It is primarily found in woodlands and forests, forming a symbiotic relationship with trees. 

Amanita is a mycorrhizal fungus, meaning that it forms a mutually beneficial association with the trees’ roots. The fungus helps the tree to take up water and nutrients from the soil, while the tree provides the fungus with energy in return. 

Because of this special relationship, Amanita muscaria is notoriously difficult to cultivate. Some experts even believe it is impossible. However, a few anecdotal reports online suggest it can be done. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out whether there is any truth to these claims. 

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Can You Grow Amanita Muscaria Indoors? 

Because it requires trees to grow successfully, it is not considered possible to grow Amanita muscaria indoors. In one study, scientists were able to grow Amanita muscaria mycelium in a lab. However, it grew extremely slowly and did not produce mushrooms. 

If you are tempted to try growing these mushrooms indoors, you will need plenty of patience and a willingness to be disappointed. If you are up for the challenge regardless, the requirements are similar to those of growing other mushrooms. We have summarized the process below, but we recommend conducting more thorough research into mushroom cultivation before your first attempt. 

Growing Amanita Muscaria Indoors

First, you must source some spores and germinate them on a medium such as agar. If the agar colonizes, you can cut out pieces and transfer them into a bag of sterile grains, such as rye or millet. 

Wait for the grains to fully colonize and then break them into a moist pasteurized substrate 

inside a terrarium (you could use a large plastic storage container if you don’t have access to a terrarium). 

Keep the inoculated substrate moist by keeping the lid tightly shut, and when it is fully colonized, open the lid to allow fresh air to circulate. If you are fortunate, you might be rewarded with your first flush of homegrown amanita mushrooms. 

Growing Amanita Muscaria Outdoors

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Growing Amanita muscaria outdoors is more likely to be successful since it is their natural habitat. It is best to choose an area where trees are growing already, preferably birch or pine. 

Some people have reported success by simply mixing amanita spores or ground-up cap material with water and spreading it in their chosen area. Others say that you need to add some tree seeds so that the fungus and roots will develop together. 

It is an unreliable method but simple enough to try, and you may get lucky and start your own amanita patch. However, be warned that amanita mycelium can take many years to produce mushrooms, so patience is still very much required! 

Alternatives to Growing Amanita Muscaria

If growing Amanita muscaria seems like too much trouble, there are plenty of alternatives. You can try foraging these mushrooms in the wild since they are fairly common and easy to identify. However, you must carefully prepare foraged mushrooms, as raw Amanita muscaria can cause unpleasant side effects. 

It is also important to forage responsibly and only take as much as you need. Since it is difficult to grow amanita mushrooms and they play a vital role in the ecosystem, preserving natural colonies is critical.

You can also buy dried mushrooms from numerous online vendors, and another option that has recently become popular is amanita gummies. They promise to take the hassle out of preparing Amanita muscaria, so it is safe for consumption. 

Look for a reputable brand that provides lab reports for its products, proving their potency and safety. We recommend that you buy Amanita muscaria gummies online on VidaCap, as the company rigorously tests each batch. They are vegan and gluten-free and available in delicious mango-berry flavor. So, why save yourself time and effort and give them a try?