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How to Make Bigger Biceps by Using Arm Blaster?

How To Make Bigger Biceps Using an Arm Blaster


If you have recently started going to the gym and have been lucky enough, you would have come across a brawny, burly bodybuilder using a piece of strappy equipment to perform bicep curls. Seeing those husky muscles, you would have probably had a jaw-drop moment and thought to yourself what kind of a supreme gimmick that is.

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Well, that was no gimmick; it was an arm blaster that has been around for ages. This is a super-light piece of equipment that is commonly used for bicep curls. It has adjustable straps that are worn in front of the body and are looped behind your neck. It appears to be a medieval-looking accessory that keeps your arms in a stationary position. It basically forces your elbows in front of your torso while your arms curl.

Arm blasters had immense popularity among the bodybuilding community in the 70s; however, the popularity decreased with time. This is why they are mostly known as old-school equipment, but the principles and techniques are still popularly recognized. 

The arm blaster workout primarily targets biceps and triceps. The beauty of this equipment is that it makes every single part of your upper arm feel the burn. It puts adequate tension on your muscles for size gains and shaping. It literally blasts your muscles by moving through three different ranges of motion: hence the name blaster. 

Correct Usage of Arm Blaster

To make the most of the arm blaster, it’s vital to understand the correct usage of it. The secret tip is to adjust the straps to a suitable height. The elbow pads should be placed slightly above your elbows when your hands are down. Having it too far low will feel flimsy, making the arm blaster tilt into your stomach, causing pain. 

On the other hand, keeping it too high would be just as bad, as your chest would get in the way, causing discomfort. 

There are two approaches to using a bicep blaster: elbow-in and elbow-out approach. The choice of the approach depends on the kind of curl you are using. If you want a more muscular definition, elbow-in is better. This technique makes you keep your elbows close to your torso. In contrast, if you want more volume and size, then go for the elbow-out one, which keeps your arms slightly away from the torso. 

After you have figured out the sweet spot, you now need to find the appropriate weight. Make sure not to pick up too much weight as it forces your elbows into the arm blaster, hurting your stomach.

So, when it comes to flexing your muscles, you need to put your ego aside to pull this off with ease!

Have a look at these compelling benefits to knowing why arm blaster workouts are an absolute must to try:

1. Form

The world of fitness revolves around the rule of keeping the perfect form. You are only able to yield better results if your form is on point. The thing about an arm blaster is that you don’t have to make your form, the equipment itself ensures that your form is perfect. The springboard anchors your biceps and the board. 

It ensures that your elbows don’t move up and down; they remain fixed, which is the precise way of performing curls. When it comes to fixing your form, the blaster doesn’t leave you with a choice but to have a picture-perfect posture. 

 2. Powerful Pump

The arm blaster ensures to keep up to its name by giving your muscles the ideal pump. Due to the strict form, your muscles are contracted ideally to serve your muscles the swell they need. 

So, if you are using an arm blaster today, make sure to wear a tank top because that’s the only you will be able to give your arms enough room to pump up. 

3. No More Swinging Elbows

It’s common for your elbows to go out of position when lifting weights. This can lead to a lousy posture which further results in ineffective workout results. This equipment lets you keep your elbows along your sides, preventing you from letting them swing. 

4. Increases Tension

If you want to increase gains and build muscles, then tension is imperative. In order to increase weight and progress towards your fitness goals, you need to give your muscles the exact burn they need. 

It’s crucial to comprehend that the longer the muscle strains, the faster the muscle fibers grow. So slow down your speed, and you will see fruitful results. Bicep blasters are designed with the capability to assist you with that. 

They certify that you do not lower your arm to the starting position before accurately contracting your muscles and creating tension. Once that’s done, you can then slowly release down. 

You need to work for hours with many exercises to feel the difference. However, an arm blaster workout will make you witness an instant bulge in your muscles. 

5. Safe

A gym fanatic is always ready to lift a crazy amount of weight. However, lifting more weight than your capacity can lead to injury. An arm blaster would prevent you from moving your arm to a specific limit no matter how much of a heavyweight you lift. 

This ensures your body to get stronger and better while staying healthier. So, there’s no way you can cheat your way through to bigger muscles. 

6. Better Isolation

The bicep blaster ensures that your biceps are being focused on in an isolated manner for more effective results. In addition, this potent tool enables you to perform your curls for a more extended period of time without any rests in between. This means you will burn a ton of calories, strengthen your core, and build endurance to pick up heavier weights. 

Arm-Blaster Exercises

You can pull off several arm-blaster workouts to get more muscular arms. While it’s essential to begin slow, you can intensify your workout by adding overloads progressively. Over time, you can add more weight and perform more reps and sets. This will keep increasing your strength, endurance, and size gains. Here are the top 10 arm-basting exercises to practice:

1. Hammer Curl

  • Pick up a pair of a dumbbell in each hand and keep your palms facing your sides. 
  • Curl both the weights at the time, ensuring your arms are tight against your sides. 
  • Minimize your momentum during the curl and contract your muscles. 
  • Release down.
  • Complete 4 sets, 6-8 each.

2. Supinated Curls

  • Pick up a pair of dumbbells, tuck your arms in the arm blaster pads, and engage your core. 
  • Keeping your wrists supinated (facing inwards), curl your arm up.
  • Squeeze at the top, then release to the starting position. 
  • Complete 3 sets, 6-8 reps each.

3. Barbell Bicep Curls

  • Stand tall and brace your core.
  • Use an underhand grip to hold the barbell.
  • Keeping your elbows tight to your sides, move your hands up, so your biceps are engaged.
  • Curl up the bar to your shoulder height, maintaining the tension in your biceps. 
  • Keeping your biceps tensed, lower the bar slowly back.
  • Perform 4 sets, 6-8 reps each.

4. Reverse Curls

  • Pick up a straight barbell or EZ curl bar and grab it with a shoulder-width grip. 
  • Keep your hands on top of the bar (pronated grip).
  • Keeping your knees slightly bent, curl the bar up to your shoulder height.
  • Feel the tension in your arm as you take up, hold it there for a second or two, then release.
  • Complete 3 sets, 8 reps each. 

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Bottom Line

Every gym enthusiast wants to work on his arms to get them brawnier. In order to get your arms pumped up, you need to put them through the right tension and isolated focus in order to get the desired output. Arm blaster is the perfect accessory to use for that. m

They ensure to give you the perfect form, intense pump to the muscles, and a safe workout. Several exercises, such as reverse curls and barbell curls, can give your muscles the exact burn they need to grow. If you have been struggling to see a significant difference in your muscle volume, then an arm blaster workout is the one you should go for!