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How to Print Clear Labels

Clear Labels

Every business needs to print labels at some point, whether for product labeling, shipping, or organizing. Although you have several options for the type of prints to use, clear labels allow you to look professional, and they are perfect for almost all product types.

To print clear labels, you need a laser printer or an inkjet printer. The toner in the laser printer melts and fuses the plastic film on the label sheet, which results in a clear print.

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What are clear labels?

Clear labels are transparent adhesive labels used for various purposes, from product labeling to organizing folders and papers. They are mainly used for food products because they are made of a thin film that easily peels.

What are the benefits of using clear labels?

There are a few benefits to using clear labels;

  • They look professional: Transparent label printing gives you a more polished and professional appearance than standard white labels when you need to print labels for your business.
  • They are perfect for almost all product types:  Clear product labels can work for you whether your product is small and requires a detailed label or is large and just needs a general identifier.
  • They are easy to peel: Clear bottle labels are made of a thin film, making them easy to peel off whatever you’re labeling.
  • They are easy to read: Clear labels are easy to read, even from a distance.
  • They can be customized: You can personalize your clear labels by adding your company logo or other images.

Where can you use clear labels?

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You can use clear labels on any surface. However, because of the unique features of transparent labels, It is best for printing on products like:

  • Food and beverages: Many people are opting for healthier foods and beverages. So you can use clear label printing to provide ingredient information to help those who may have allergies.
  • Candles: Clear printable labels are great for candles. Typically, the labels contain the cent type and the duration of the candle, which is vital for consumers to make a buying decision.
  • Body lotions: Transparent labels are water and oil-resistant. So they are great for labeling body lotions with product ingredients and brand information.
  • Face oils: As with body lotions, clear label prints allow you to see through the product while giving relevant information. (1)

How do you use clear labels?

Clear labels are helpful for both personal and professional use. Ways in which you can use them include:

  • Product packaging: Clear product labels are perfect if you want to give your product a more professional look. For example, clear bottle labels are used for cosmetic and beverage products to show great aesthetics.
  • Labeling folders: Transparent labels make it easy to identify the contents of a folder at a glance.
  • Organizing papers: Using clear labels, you can quickly identify and find the papers you are looking for.
  • Labeling CDs and DVDs: With clear labels, you can easily print the title and other information on CDs and DVDs.
  • Labeling tools: You can also use transparent labels to identify the tools you are using in your work.
  • Decorations: You can use clear labels to decorate objects of your choice with unique clear designs. (2)

How do you properly stick on clear labels? 

When you are using clear labels, you must stick them properly. This will ensure that they stay in place and do not come off. Here are some tips for sticking on clear labels:

Clean the surface: Make sure that the surface is clean and free of dust, oil, or other contaminants. If the surface is not clean, the labels will not stick.

Apply pressure: When you are sticking on the labels, make sure to apply pressure. This will help the adhesive to adhere better to the surface.

Smoothen the label: After applying the pressure, use a credit card or other object to smooth out the label. This will help remove any air bubbles and ensure that the label is flat.

Wait for it to dry: Do not try to peel off the labels immediately after applying them. Instead, give them time to dry so that the adhesive can stick properly. 


Clear labels are a great way to identify and label your products. They are easy to peel, easy to read, and can be customized to match your branding. 4over4 makes it easy to print clear labels using state-of-the-art technology and many years of industry expertise. How was your experience branding your product with clear labels?