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How To Reduce Back Pain?

Back Pain

Many people with chronic illnesses, pain, or injuries are forced to drink painkillers. Chemical drugs perform their function well only at the initial stage. Then they are addictive and require an increase in dosage.

To relieve pain and refuse artificial painkillers, you can use Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa. This tropical plant is rich in alkaloids and other active substances. The combination of natural elements in the leaves has an opioid-like effect on the human body. But this effect is milder and not addictive with proper use.

Unique properties of Kratom

A small dosage helps to improve mood, get a boost of vigour and more physical strength for hard work or sports achievements. The effect of Kratom significantly exceeds the impact of caffeine, while not exerting a negative influence. Medium and high dosages can relieve or reduce even severe pain. Alkaloids block pain receptors for several hours, helping to alleviate muscle cramps in the back, suffering from rheumatism, radiculitis, lumbar backache. In addition, if the pain is associated with inflammation, then Kratom also has the ability to increase your immunity and body resistance to new viruses and bacteria.

Health Benefits:

  • Kratom is an excellent natural pain reliever for injuries, back pain, burns.
  • A natural drug relieves cravings for alcohol, nicotine and drugs, and facilitates withdrawal after discontinuation of heavy medications.
  • The supplement improves hormonal levels and normalizes blood composition.
  • In inflammatory processes, Kratom extinguishes the foci of pain and improves immunity.
  • All these effects are achieved with a single dose or prolonged treatment. But in order to avoid addiction should not exceed the recommended dose. If the patient adheres to the dosage and does not abuse Kratom, he is insured against the side and negative influences.

Varieties for pain relief

Kratom is able to completely relieve or dull back pain due to two active substances: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. These are natural alkaloids that affect the human body like opiates, but more gently. In addition to the intense, but not too harsh effect, Kratom, unlike opioids, is not addictive and side effects. All cases of poisoning or dependence were caused by abuse or mixing of Kratom with other drugs.

Different varieties of plants better affect different areas of human life. Red veins give more energy, and white ones improve mood and psychological state, green veins can significantly improve concentration. Several varieties are better than others can relieve pain:

  • Indonesian (also known as Indo).
  • Maeng Da

Moreover, any red variety will be a more effective analgesic. You can get a similar effect with other variations, but red Kratom will help faster. In addition, less supplementation will be required. To relieve moderate pain, an average dosage is sufficient. If back pain has already become chronic or caused by a recent injury, high dosages will be required.

The same varieties of Kratom are suitable for withdrawal after remove of narcotic painkillers, antidepressants and sleeping pills. Red veins first allow patients to concentrate, reducing pain. Then comes relaxation and the opportunity to lead a full life and have a healthy sleep.

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