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How to Secure Your Smart Home

How to Secure Your Smart Home

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. These modern homes offer ease and efficiency unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, enabling you to manage different areas of your house with just a few clicks on your smartphone or a voice command. The duty of protecting your smart home from potential cyber dangers comes along with enormous convenience, too. Here are a few essential tips to help you maintain the security and safety of your smart home.

Secure Your WiFi Network

A strong password should be used to encrypt and secure your Wi-Fi network. To prevent unauthorized access, alter the router’s default login information to something special. Create a separate guest network with restricted access if you need to give your Wi-Fi network access to visitors. They won’t be able to access your smart gadgets or sensitive data in this way. (1)

Regularly Update Firmware and Software

Smart gadgets need regular updates to fix vulnerabilities, just like your computer or smartphone. When possible, set up your devices to receive automatic updates and check for manufacturer-released firmware updates on a regular basis.

Implement Strong Passwords

Create distinct, challenging passwords for each account and smart device connected to your smart home. To assist you in creating and managing secure passwords, think about utilizing a password manager.

Secure Your Smart Hub

A central hub is often used in smart homes to connect and manage multiple gadgets. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure your hub is safe, including updating its firmware and altering its default settings. Additionally, you can check your IP address at What Is My IP and make sure it is not exposed.

Review App Permissions and Educate Your Family

Examine the permissions that your smartphone’s smart home apps are requesting. Be wary of apps that want excessive access to your personal data and only grant the essential rights. Inform your loved ones of the value of smart home security. Ascertain that they are aware of the dangers and how to operate the equipment safely.

Segment Your Network

Consider separating your smart devices from your vital systems, such as computers and storage devices, and segmenting your network into various zones. Potential violations are contained as a result.

Monitor and Secure Devices

Watch what happens to your smart gadgets. Monitor the devices connected to your network to make sure they are permitted. Physical security should not be disregarded. Make sure your smart devices are physically secure and difficult for unauthorized people to access.