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How To Still Maintain Your Christian Faith In An Unbelieving World


When times are hard people often look to God, yet when times are good it is easy to forget all the tough times in which God stood beside you. In some situations, people go through such difficult times that they even start blaming God for their misfortune, often going as far as accusing him of abandoning them. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth and in reality, these individuals are unable to see the bigger picture, unaware of the wisdom with which God crafts the path of our lives. When you are in a difficult situation and you start to lose sight of God, you start to look at the world in a pessimistic manner. It makes no difference to the obstacles of life, but it makes a big difference in your ability to resolve them. On the contrary, being able to maintain your belief, or even strengthen it, gives you that push that you need to move forward with your plans and make progress. Even if you fail, what is important is that you aren’t stagnant. Here are a few ways you can keep your faith strong and help yourself to progress in the world of today.

1.  Company

Today we have connections with everyone, whether virtual or real, but the one connection that continues to grow weaker is our connection with God. Rather than keeping a lifestyle that drives you away from God, why not try to make small changes that will bring you closer to God. If you are looking for the perfect match through online dating, then consider those apps that connect you with other believers that also need more positive people in their life. The significant other in your life can have a huge impact on the kind of connection you are able to foster with your creator, and when that person is a believer you can both practice together. You will have someone with who you can be open about your religious beliefs and this will fuel your connection with God.

2.  A Good Relationship

Just knowing about God isn’t enough, you need to make the move to get closer to Him. For different people, this can manifest in different ways, but just going to church once a week is not going to be enough. Whichever confession of Christianity you belong to, through the right Christian dating sites you can easily find people who follow exactly the same practices that you do. These little habits can be the foundation of a strong and long-lasting relationship. With the right person, you will create the right environment at home and it will foster an environment in which you both value your relationship with God. You will have small things that you do that bring you closer to God on a daily basis and multiple times each day.

3.  Learn About Religion

A great way to get back on track is to muster up the courage to learn about religion. Whether this means reading the Bible or reading about significant people from your faith or just learning about the details of important events mentioned in the Bible. The fact that you are learning about the religion will keep you connected and will develop a stronger desire to develop your faith. Moreover, it’s a fantastic hobby to have that will help keep your religious life more active. Rather than just going through the motions and doing what you have always done, you will be working towards becoming a better believer.

4.  Contemplate

Maintaining a healthy mindset is not something that will just happen naturally, it is something that you will have to work on in order to achieve. Reminding yourself that God has kept you alive to see another day should be a good motivation to remind you that He isn’t through with you yet, there is something else, something better that is waiting for you. Reminding yourself that death is inevitable is good motivation to keep going because eventually, it is all going to come to an end one day. These small changes in perception and changing the way you analyze things can go a long way in improving the way that you look at the world and the way you apply your faith and belief systems to life.

Maintaining one’s faith is difficult. Satan will try to make sinful things appear as attractive as possible, in most cases, they will appear to be more enjoyable than they really are. The problem is that you have to go through the ordeal of realizing it wasn’t worth it. The real challenge is to stop yourself before you go that far and remind yourself that you have a code of life, divine teaching to live by, and an Almighty God that you are answerable to.