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If You Can’t Control Her, It Means You Found The One

If You Can’t Control Her, It Means You Found The One

The right woman will not let anyone play with her heart or take advantage of her. She will not be a toy and she will let no one use her. She knows how a real man should treat her and if she doesn’t get that – she is out of that relationship. Games and flings do not interest her. 

The right woman will own up to her actions. Big time. She takes responsibility; she is not running away from people, and she is not running from her words or actions because she is fierce and fearless. She doesn’t make excuses to justify her actions. Period. 

The right woman knows how to have fun. She is not acting as your parent; she is mature and responsible, yes, but she knows how to have fun and she has a glorious sense of humor. This woman values a good joke on her account, but will not fall short on roasting others as well. Her nature is funky and wild.

The right woman is a great communicator. She does not run away from her feelings. Instead of getting mad over silly things and small brawls, she communicates. She believes that communication is the key to diplomacy, the key to maturity. She will talk a problem out; she will give her partner a chance to explain himself, and she can compromise. Because you can’t solve a problem if you only listen to your side of the story, right?

The right woman is not afraid of being single. She takes pride in it; she admits it because she is saving herself for the right person too. She doesn’t want to be with just anyone: she is looking for someone who will appreciate her, someone who will not play some on and off games, someone who values honesty and is willing to share the present and the future with her, not someone who considers her as a fling. 

The right woman is honest. She speaks her emotions; she speaks her mind. She can give you constructive criticism, but she can take it too. She wants to evolve, she wants to grow as a person, and prosper. The starting point, she knows, is honesty because she knows that if you want to have a successful relationship, you have to give and you have to speak up. Holding things back is counterproductive in the long run. 

The right woman will chase her goals. Boy, is this my favorite part! The right woman will not be afraid to make her dreams come true. She is not afraid of success. She is not afraid of knocking at the door of this our men’s world, grab a drink, and switch places with the boss. She is fierce, remember? The right man for her needs to follow her hunger for success. He needs to follow her pace. The right man should not be intimidated by this woman. She is still tender at heart, but that doesn’t mean she should put her career in the background. She balances well between the personal and the professional. 

The right woman is loyal but has self-respect too. She will stay beside you when you need her the most. She will sacrifice many things to make her man happy and to lift him up whenever he needs it. She is a firm believer in second chances and diplomacy. But you have to respect this woman, put her first. If she feels that’s she’s pushed in a corner or neglected, she will not waste her time. She will close the door to you and not look back.