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If You Possess These 12 Characteristics You Belong To The World’s Rarest Personality Type


People with INFJ personalities are among the rarest people in the world and they have these 12 special characteristics in common. 

Do you sometimes feel like you are different from everyone you know? If you do feel this way – don’t worry. Everything is fine with you.

Myers and Briggs’s system classifies all different personality types which can be found in people. These two psychologists developed this system which is based on Carl Jung’s psychoanalyst theories.

The system breaks down the personality traits into 4 different categories: extroversion/introversion, intuition/sensing, thinking/feeling, and perceiving/judging.  

According to it, an INFJ personality is Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

Here are 12 traits to find out if you, or somebody you know, is an INFJ. These rare snowflakes are a real treasure, so if you find a person with this personality type – keep them in your life.

1.     They are conscious about the future

People with INFJ personalities are not obsessing over trivialities. They always tend to see the bigger picture, and they only focus on important things.

They face challenges bravely and do not get discouraged if something doesn’t go according to their plan. Instead, they will push themselves forward and look for another way to get the results they want.

2.     They are hardworking

INFJs are not lazy when it comes to working. These people work hard in achieving their goals because they’ve learned that nothing in life comes for free. However, they don’t work just to say they work, but give 100% of them in their job.    

3.     They trust their gut

These people are highly intuitive and can easily sense when something is off. The most important thing is that they act on their intuition, meaning they follow their gut feelings. And, they are rarely wrong. They also have a keen sense of when something is about to happen in their life.

4.     They are truth-seekers

They are fascinated by the secrets of the Universe, and they can spend the entire night just observing the stars. They like to delve deep into things and are curious about the Universe’s mysteries and its patterns. They look for the essence of things and are not much interested in ordinary things.

5.     They choose their friends carefully

These people are not comfortable being around a big group of people. They prefer the comfort of their home, and they would rather be alone than in bad company. They want to hang out only with people who share the same values as them and they appreciate their alone time.

6.     They are sensitive and empathetic

INFJs are genuine empaths in the world. They are very caring and generous people. They will always help those in need. They always put themselves in other people’s shoes, and this is what makes them sensitive to the feelings of others. They would never hurt someone intentionally.

7.     They are people readers

Hand in hand with their emotional intelligence comes their ability to see through people’s actions and thoughts. They can spot a manipulative and malevolent person very quickly, and this trait helps them to protect themselves by removing those people who are bad for them.

8.     They are the loners of the world

These people can often be found wandering the streets alone, or drinking coffee by themselves at a cafeteria. They don’t do these things because they are lonely, but because they need to isolate themselves from time to time to get in touch with themselves and organize their thoughts.

9.    They can be full of contradictions

They can go from happy to sad in a heartbeat. They are the ones who are the hardest to keep track of since they can go from one direction to another without any previous warning. Moreover, going to extremes is not foreign to them.

10.   They have an ALL or NOTHING mentality

They always choose quality over quantity when it comes to anything they do in life. They believe that if you are not able to do your best at what you are doing, then you better not start doing it in the first place.  

11.     They are problem-solvers

If you need a reliable insight or a quick solution to a problem – ask your INFJ friend. These people are excellent at figuring things out. Most importantly, they are right most of the time.

12.     They are writers (or like to write)

INFJs are more writers than talkers. They don’t like to talk too much, and they choose writing as an activity because it gives them peace while also creatively expressing their thoughts.

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