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If You Truly Love Her, Love Her The Way She Deserves To Be Loved


You do love her, I know that.

You think without her, you’d be lost. You feel blessed for having her around and you can’t imagine your life without her being a part of it.

But let me tell you something: You’re just a human being and all human beings make mistakes. And one of the greatest mistakes you can make is not loving her the way she deserves.

And if you don’t treat her right, you’ll destroy her. You will no longer find bliss, joy, and fulfillment in your relationship, but misery, emptiness, and pain.

Therefore, if you truly love her – love her right.

Always remember how you felt when you first saw her. Remember how your heart beat wildly and your whole body trembled when she first laid her eyes on you.

Remember her lively nature, her beauty, her smile, her funny jokes.

Remember that you saw things in her that you have never found in another woman.

Remember the warmth, thrill, and passion you felt when you started dating her. And make sure you keep the flare of that passion always alive between you.

If you truly love her, make her happy. Let her know how loved and appreciated she is. Be the reason behind all her smiles. Be the reason she can’t wait to come home after work.

Choose her every day and make her your priority. Let her know how much she means to you. Make her feel like she’s the only woman in the world.

If you truly love her, respect her. Respect her feelings, needs, decisions, and desires. Respect her opinions no matter how different they are from your own.

If you truly love her, listen to her. Listen to her attentively when she’s telling you how her day was, when she’s venting her frustration or anger, or when she’s complaining about her jealous co-worker.

Listen to her, not with the intention to respond to her or react to her opinions, but to actually understand what she has to say.

Let her know that her words matter to you.

And when she shares with you her weaknesses, fears, failures, or past mistakes, don’t try to fix her – that’s not what she wants. Instead, know  that they’ve made the person she is today.

If you truly love her, make her feel safe and protected. Let her know that she doesn’t have to be afraid of anything when you’re around. Let her know that for her, you’re willing to walk through fire and fight monsters. Let her know that for her happiness and safety, you’re prepared to do anything, even sacrifice your own happiness and needs.

If you truly love her, accept and cherish her the way she is. Let her know that you’re aware of all her whims, annoying habits, and weaknesses and that they don’t bother you. Let her know that she’s perfect to you with all her imperfections.

If you truly love her, show interest in the things she loves and enjoys doing. Watch romantic comedies with her, if that’s her favorite movie genre. Go for a walk in nature with her if that’s how she wants to relax.

If you truly love her, push her forward. Encourage her to pursue her highest goals and wildest dreams. Believe in her and know her worth and make sure she’s aware of it too.

Encourage her to grow and she’ll do the same thing for you.

If you truly love her, reach the deepest parts of her soul. Touch parts of her that no one has ever touched. Let her be vulnerable around you and never make her feel like she is “overly emotional” or “crazy” when she starts crying in front of you.

But also, make sure you, too, undress your soul and show your vulnerable sides in front of her. Let her see who you really are and what you carry in your heart. Let her touch the deepest, most hidden parts of your soul as well.

If you truly love her, wear your heart on your sleeve. Treat her with lots of love and affection. Show her how much you love her and never let her doubt your feelings for her. Never let her feel the pain of unrequited love. Show her where she stands in your life.

Don’t love her only when your anxious thoughts, insecurities, and fears reach their peak.

Don’t love her only when you need someone to comfort you, ease out your worries, or heal your wounds from the past.

If you truly love her, never break her. Never break her heart.

She’s been hurt before and she wouldn’t stand being hurt again. She’s dated guys who took her for granted and played with her feelings. Guys to whom she was never good enough, no matter how kind, compassionate, and loving she was.

She dated guys who made her think that love is hard and painful.

So, if she’s in a relationship with you, know that she’s let her guard down. She has overcome her insecurities and fears and realized that you deserve her love and trust.

So, never let her down. Show her she’s been right choosing you.

Let her know she’ll never have to fear love again.

If you truly love her, treat her right. Treat her with patience, kindness, compassion, love, respect, and dignity.

Love her the way she deserves to be loved.

Love her sincerely. Deeply. Wholeheartedly. Passionately. Unconditionally.

And, trust me, if you love her this way, she will love you even more.