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Important Reasons Why Communication With Your Loved Ones Is Crucial While You Are In Rehab


During your treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you may feel that your life is out of control. But if you attend an alcohol rehab program and work hard to get clean and sober, you can take back control of your life. That means establishing healthy patterns in every area of your world – including the relationships in it. One of the most important relationships that need attention is your relationship with your loved ones. By maintaining open and honest communication with them, you will better preserve these relationships while you are in rehab treatment. Here are the top reasons why it is crucial to communicate with your loved ones while you are in rehabilitative care.

To Get Support

Many people go into a treatment program feeling that they have lost all their friends and family because of their addiction. It is true that your loved ones have probably had to deal with some pretty bad things as a result of your addiction. This may even include your loved ones abandoning you when you need them the most.

However, your family and friends still care about you, and they want to support you. The best way for them to do that is by staying in touch with you while you are in treatment and if you have a cell phone in rehab, this is made a lot easier. This way your recovery process will be easier. To illustrate the importance of support, just think about what your life would look like without it.

You are surrounded by people who want to help you stay sober, but if you have no contact with them, their efforts are wasted. They will not know how to best support you so they can be part of your recovery. But when you let them know that they are welcome to stay in touch with you, they can keep your family and friends updated on how things are going.

To Start The Process Of Reconciliation

Even though your friends and family may not realize it, they probably hold some resentment towards you because of the pain that your addiction has caused them. They may blame you for breaking up the family, losing the job you hate so much or putting yourself in harm’s way on more than one occasion. This feeling of resentment is normal and it will probably remain with them even after you leave rehab successfully, which is why communication with your loved ones during treatment is crucial.

By keeping open communication channels with your friends and family throughout the treatment process, you will be able to discuss the problems that your addiction has caused. This is an important step towards reconciliation and rebuilding your relationships.

To properly do this, you must be willing to listen to your loved ones’ resentment with empathy. By listening, you will understand how the addiction has affected them and they will be able to talk about their feelings. Only by maintaining open communication can they put this resentment behind them so that they are free to begin the process of reconciliation.

The best communication channels for this purpose are probably the phone and email. The next time you are given a phone call at rehab, use it as an opportunity to start this process of reconciliation with your loved ones. For emails, you can discuss the problems caused by your addiction in each one. Even if you have to go through several emails before they feel comfortable enough to mention their resentment towards you, keep in contact, and eventually you can reach that point.

To Stay Current With The Outside World

The outside world is full of great opportunities, but it can also be full of distractions that keep you from staying sober. When you are at an alcohol rehab program, these distractions are not present to the same degree as they would be in your everyday life. However, some of them still remain and this is why it is important to stay in touch with your loved ones while you are at rehab.

When you speak with your friends and family on the phone or through email, you can catch up on all of the news that has happened while you were away getting help for your addiction. This will keep their lives interesting and it will help them not to forget about you, even though you are separated by hundreds of miles.

Staying current with your loved ones means you’ll know what’s happening in their lives, which keeps you from feeling isolated. Knowing what happens with your friends and family will motivate you to stay sober once you leave rehab so that you can be a part of it all.

Keeping an open line of communication with your friends and family is crucial to your recovery. It will help you stay connected with the people who care about you while still in treatment. Then, when you come home, this communication will help you start the process of reconciliation so that they can support you through your recovery successfully. Also, staying current with them will keep you from feeling isolated during rehab and will motivate you to stay sober.