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Inside The Mind Of The Girl Who Got Her Heart Broken By A Narcissist


Love is blind. Love means taking that last remaining leap of faith and diving in. And sometimes that fearful experience can bring us something so beautiful and pure that will change our lives forever. But sometimes… it can destroy us.

The problem with this story is that she fell hard for the wrong person. She fell in love with a narcissist. The thing about them is that you’ll never know them for their true nature until it’s too late and there’s no return. Until they leave your world shattered.

She couldn’t stop her heart from falling deep down that rabbit-hole. Because she was a pure-hearted girl. She loved truly, deeply and was ready to give everything the minute she felt it. She believed truly that it was something worthwhile and gave her very heart and soul to him. But she had no idea what she was getting into.

Even if she knew, the force pulling her down was stronger than her and she wasn’t able to stop herself from falling in love with him. But if only she’d stopped herself from welcoming him into her life. If only there were some caution sign to prevent her. Unfortunately, she made herself the victim of a dangerous hunter.

After everything is long gone and finished, the painful consequences are everywhere around her. She’s alive. But she lives with the constant memory of everything that went wrong, the constant ache in her body and soul that doesn’t leave her even for a second. She survived, but she’s cursed to go through life with her crushed soul. Every way she looks, it seems like she finds small pieces that remind her of him. 

Her mind is a mess. And just like that, one thought after another, they flow through her conscience and haunt her. He mind is nowhere close to where she was long before she made the mistake. And now she’s left alone and she is barely making the step.

She is afraid to trust anyone. As a matter of fact, she is so frightened to even trust the people who truly care for her.  Every time someone gets close to her, she feels a burning sensation in her heart and pulls back. It will be long before she’s able to stand on her feet and learn to trust again.

Once she loved, but now she’s terrified to love again. She remembers the times when she felt that pure feeling in her chest. For her, love was the most sublime and mesmerizing thing in the whole world and was her biggest desire. She promised herself she’d give every part of her when that right moment comes. But now… all she’s left with is a hole burnt in her heart.

From then on, love is something that she’ll always associate with the gut-wrenching pain she’s experienced. He destroyed her. The last time she let her heart go free, instead of love, everything she got was insults, let-downs, and a full bag of emotional baggage.

He seduced her with his irresistible charisma and instead of loving and cherishing her, at the end, the narcissist broke her. It was like she wasn’t good enough for him no matter what she did.  She forgot what it felt to actually love, and feel love.

When love becomes one-sided and you don’t receive all the affection and appreciation from that person you need the most, the thought that you are not good enough for them gets stuck in your conscience and leaves you painfully vacant. She was left in the cold, she was told she wasn’t good enough, and how she deserved everything bad she’d been through.

Days pass, but the feeling in her stays to haunt her. The more time passes, she feels even more lost than she was. Everything that she feels is wrapped up in FEAR. Fear to live, fear to give, fear to free herself, fear to get close. That’s the thing with heartbreaks. You’ll never see it coming, right before it hits you.

BUT no matter how miserable he made life for her, deep inside her heart, there is hope. Sure, she’ll be empty for quite some time, but eventually, time will help her wounds heal. The most important thing for her is to go on and never surrender.

She needs time and a lot of it. She needs time to start healing and gluing up the remaining pieces. She needs to start loving herself, no matter how broken she is.

And no, she doesn’t need a fairy-tale prince right away to get her out of the mess. The best way for her is to acknowledge all that was lost and decide to move on from that point.

Because life is beautiful, but that depends on how we choose to see it. With time, she will overcome everything the narcissist ever did to her. And she’ll forgive him. For her own good.

She will rise above all the pain and suffering and eventually life will remind her how it felt to love and be loved.

To every person out there reading this, remember this: No matter what you are going through, always believe in yourself, don’t let anyone bring you down, and most of all, don’t you ever give up! You deserve so much more than you can imagine.

STAY STRONG. The best is yet to come!
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